The Serenity of Threshold Moments

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Crossing many in the course of a day, physically, emotionally, even spiritually, I seldom pause considering the transition. Thresholds offer a mere few inches or milliseconds of liminal space between what lay behind and what lay ahead. Yet savoring the serenity of threshold moments, positions us in a seamless connection between two worlds.

Lingering with the word “threshold” recently, offered me an opportunity for reflecting on these small moments of transition. The new addition of Peace Pauses in my day, contribute to fresh re-centering on God’s Presence throughout my days; but also connect moments of transition.

Within the limnality of threshold moments, we encounter space for embracing the ordinary moments through God’s perspective as we prepare to transition into future moments.

understanding threshold moments

Truly encountering the serenity of threshold moments happens after we understand the nature of threshold moments. In their simplicity, thresholds are merely doorways: from one room to the next, from the outside to the inside, or from one place to another.

But thresholds are more than doorways; they are pathways of connection. Consider common thresholds which transition us from one period of time into another:

  • Twilight
  • The time period between waking and sleeping
  • Birth
  • The space between your inhale and exhale
  • Marriage
  • Salvation
french doors opening into garden pathway

Hiding in plain sight, thresholds connect worlds through portals of pause allowing the recognition as we pass from one moment to the next, we enter stronger, wiser, transformed.

What if we perceived thresholds as invitations not merely to move from one place to the next, but as a place of rest?

What if thresholds helped us “become” who God intended by inviting us to simply “be still”; to less pushing ahead and more listening?

god in the threshold moments

One hindrance to encountering the serenity of threshold moments rests in the understanding of thresholds as gateways to change. Indeed, whether we transition from one place to another or one time of life to another, we encounter change.

Spiritual growth, or sanctification, flows through many thresholds; moving us from one spiritual room to another.

Have you ever approached a room or building and suddenly felt resistant to enter?

I know the familiar feeling of apprehension crossing a new “threshold”. But until my recent experience, I failed making the connection between the physical and the spiritual.

During my recent writing break, encountering a fair amount of resistance, I became confused. Feeling comfort when looking back collided with a sudden dread of moving forward.

Much later, God revealed I stood at a threshold moment. His desire to move me forward into deeper intimacy, naturally met with resistance from the enemy of my soul, desiring to hold me back.

The pressure created confusion which cleared only when I paused on the threshold to still and listen.

Pause Heightens Perception

Change naturally triggers apprehension, but I sensed the resistance held more than reluctance towards change. Feeling a strong pull backwards, yet a longing to step forward, forced me to hestitate on the spiritual threshold.

Though it seemed counter-productive to my agenda for seeking direction, I felt compelled to wait in the tiny space of the already and the not yet.

door opening on a sunny meadow

Once settled on the threshold, the pause heightened my perception of God’s voice inviting me into a new spiritual room; filled with greater intimacy, service, and purpose. While the enemy, on the other hand, sought to hold me in the “safe”, comfort zone of past accomplishments.

Yet the answer was neither engage the enemy on the battlefield, nor rush through the next door. The pause gifted me the opportunity of centering my soul on Christ, grasping His hand, and allowing Him to lead me through the door.

the serenity of threshold moments

Threshold experiences beckon us to deeper trust as we leave the familiarity of the comfort places; crossing into a new beginning. Though the temptation for retreat back into the known presses, we remember God waits in the inbetween.

Instead of rushing from one place, season, activity, or moment to the next, pausing in the liminal space inbetween, we discover the serenity of threshold moments in God’s Presence.

Thresholds connect God’s faithfulness and Presence in the past with His promise of the same through the next door, seamlessly weaving two worlds together. Gaining perception for moving into deeper initimacy, service, and spiritual maturity, as the sacred space moves ordinary moments to extraordinary encounters.

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