We Will Dance: After Cancer

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“We Will Dance”

I’ve watched the sun rise in your eyes
And I’ve seen the tears fall like the rain
You’ve seen me fight so brave and strong
You’ve held my hand when I’m afraid
We’ve watched the seasons come and go
We’ll see them come and go again
But in winter’s chill or summer’s breeze
One thing will not be changing


We will dance
When the sun is shining, in the pouring rain.
We’ll spin and we’ll sway
And we will dance.
When the gentle breeze becomes a hurricane,
The music will play
And I’ll take your hand and hold you close to me
And we will dance.

Sometimes it’s hard to hold you tight
Sometimes we feel so far apart
But sometimes we dance as one
And feel the beating of each other’s heart
Some days the dance is slow and sweet
Some days we’re bouncing off the walls
But no matter how this world may turn
Our love will keep us from falling and …


The music will play
And I’ll hold you close and I won’t let go
Even when our steps grow weak and slow
Still I’ll take your hand and hold you close to me
And we will dance…

What This Song Means to Me

Steven Curtis Chapman released this song in 2003 on his “All About Love” album.  I owned the CD.  I listened to it often.  My marriage was still as shiny and new as our wedding rings and I loved all the songs written and dedicated to his wife.  I’m a romantic, but this one wasn’t a favorite.  However, I came across it on Spotify a couple of weeks ago and the lyrics hit completely different.

2003 Chuck and Lauren had barely started life together.  We were in love and thought we could weather any storm.  2022 Chuck and Lauren have lived through some things.  In 2003, our first born was already having seizures, but we had no idea how severe her medical and developmental problems would become.  We struggled with the challenges of a blended family and have now seen the aftermath of divorce devastate.  Had we any idea then how difficult raising a teenager in the information age would be?  Nope.  And we never dreamed we would grind through job loss and financial insecurity.

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We have now both had cancer.  Breast cancer for me and tonsil cancer for him.  Cancer changes you in ways I cannot describe.  Our bodies are forever altered with scars you can see and scars you can’t.  Surgeries, injuries, treatments and chronic pain checker our histories.

As a couple, we have depended on God more than we ever thought we would need to.  We begged Him for healing, thanked Him for mercy and walked with Him through incredibly challenging things.  He has moved on our behalf in ways we asked for and in ways we didn’t expect/ still haven’t seen.

What I’m saying is,

 I KNOW.  When SCC sings, ” the gentle breeze becomes a hurricane”, I remember the day a phone call rocked our world.  As he’s “seen the tears fall like the rain” I understand and remember (and not that far back).  When the sun is shining,” or “in the pouring rain”, Chuck keeps on dancing with me.  I am so grateful.

Public Service Announcement:

I don’t wear pink in October just because I like it (although I do).  A mammogram caught my invasive ductal cell carcinoma at Stage 1.  That day was over 5 years ago.  I’m not sure I would be here today had I waited for a physical manifestation.  Go get squeezed ladies.  It may not be your idea of a fun time, but it’s important!  Also, if you are not yet subscribed to this blog, do it now.  You will receive my ebook This was Not On My Bingo Card:  Essays on Cancer and Related Surprises.  

Testimonial from a cancer patient I shared the ebook with: “I woke up about 2AM the night before last, and after several attempts to go back to sleep, I realized that I was having anxiety about my upcoming surgery and a few other events coming up. So, I got up and read your essays on breast cancer. I shed some tears, at times laughed, and felt empathy and completely related to many aspects of your journey. I did feel much lighter and was able to stop worrying after reading, so thank you for sharing your personal experience.”

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Lauren Sparks is a wife and mom of 2 daughters – one with special needs – and one bonus son. She lives, worships Jesus, and teaches yoga in Dallas, TX area. She is a contributing author on 3 devotional books, she shares her adventures, victories, and flub-ups from her laptop at

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