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There is love that is fulfilling, and then there is lust that leaves you asking for more.

Most youths crave intimacy and lose themselves in lustful relationships. Over time, their spirit languishes in carnality. Bound to the flesh, they fail to understand God, leading to backsliding.

Young Ruth held onto Naomi because she loved God. She could’ve chosen her old lifestyle and culture after her husband died. But Ruth loved the God of Israel and committed herself to Him. Naomi tried sending her off, but she remained faithful. In the end, God blessed her with a great life.

Ruth had an intimate relationship with God. The loss of her husband, the famine in Judah, and leaving her parents and culture behind did not matter after she knew the living God.

How did Ruth overcome these impossible mental, emotional and physical challenges? 

Orpah and Ruth offered to stay with Naomi, but only Ruth “clave unto her” (Ruth 1:14-18).

Ruth had left all and cleaved to her husband and family God had given.

  • She meant what she said by cleaving to Naomi. She could have gone back to her land of plenty and pursued the great American dream. But she had already given her heart to the one she loved the most.
  • Ruth was willing to suffer no matter what!
  • She loved the people of God and made them her own.
  • Above all, she loved God with all her heart, mind, and strength.

How is your commitment to Christ? Are you cleaved to your betrothed in Spirit and Truth? Is He guiding your actions, or your fleshly will, choosing the way forward? Often, we blame circumstances for how some youths turn out notorious. But the life of Ruth, Joseph, etc., prove otherwise.

Prepare yourself to meet Jesus. Maranatha, Praise God, and Amen.

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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