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How to make money from a Christian blog is the focus of this post. I am qualified to teach you this because we have built this Christian blog to what it is today by God’s grace using strategies and principles that are working.

We have not just built this Christian blog, we have also put systems in place to make money from this Christian blog.

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How to make money from a Christian blog: Is it necessary?

Should anyone try to make money from a Christian blog? I want to say it’s necessary to try to make money from your Christian blog for the following reasons.

  • If you’re adding real value to your Christian blog, you should also gain materially from it. Paul said to the Corinthians, “If I sow spiritual things to you, I should also gain materially from you”
  • You will always need money resources to keep your blog online so you need some financial income to put the blog online and to make it remain online.
  • When your blog is becoming popular online, marketers or companies will approach you for ad placement. You can’t reject their proposals if their ads do not kick against what your blog stands for.
  • Placing relevant ads on your Christian blog can also help users of your blog to find useful and relevant materials that will help them.

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Making money from your Christian blog: 5 things to do

The following are the ways to make money from your Christian blog:

Ad placement through Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an ad placement program from Google Inc. it’s about the oldest ad placement program online. It will give you good income if your blog has the right amount of traffic.

Google Adsense works best when you have high-paying keywords and good traffic on your blog. To get good traffic consistently for your blog using On-Page SEO Strategies that work, check out an online course on how to use On-Page SEO Strategies to increase traffic for your Christian blog.

There are other Adsense alternatives online. You should search for them. All of them have different entry requirements for blogs or websites to be accepted into their programs.

Ad placement by Marketing agencies and individuals

You can also make money from your Christian blog if you accept ad placement from marketing agencies and individuals.

As I mentioned earlier, when your blog begins to get more traffic and become more popular on the search engines, you will get emails from agencies like these. You can make their work easier by creating a page on your blog to show details of ad placement requirements and costs.

Sell your products

You can also create and sell your products like ebooks, online courses, and services through your Christian blog. If your Christian blog is becoming popular and getting lots of readers engaged, you need to create good products that will add more value to them.

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Sell affiliate products

Affiliate products are products of other people you sell to earn a commission. If you can’t create your products, you can sell other people’s products and services to earn commission on your Christian blog.

Most companies and even individuals have affiliate programs in place. You can find relevant affiliate products for your Christian blog, register for them, get the affiliate links and begin to promote them on your blog.

Whenever anyone buys through your affiliate link, you will earn a commission. You can search online for affiliate programs or products relevant to your niche.

You can sell our Christian books and online courses as an affiliate. Read more about our Christian affiliate program

Run a Christian newsletter

If you have a Christian blog, you should have a Christian newsletter called ezine running on it. With a newsletter, you will have an opt-in form in your blog to capture the contact information like email address visitors to your blog. You must have a gift or a bait advertised with your form to entice them to sign up.

When you capture their email addresses, you can then begin to send personalized emails to them teaching them more about what your blog teaches. Of course, occasionally, you can always send information about your products and services to them.

You will need email newsletter platforms like substack or MailChimp or Get response  to properly set up an email opt-in form and newsletters on your Christian blog.

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I hope you loved this post on how to make money from a Christian blog. I hope to add more to this post as updates in the future as we explore more ways to make money from a Christian blog.

Let me read how you make income from your Christian blog. Please share this post with your friends.

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