Crossmap Podcast: Calling Out the Called – Dr. Scott Pace on Cultivating a Strong Conviction into Something Meaningful

Dr. Scott Pace, image courtesy of Southeastern Theological Seminary

Have you ever had a strong urge or impulse toward a particular course of action in your life especially when you feel driven by a strong conviction or divine influence?

Common sense tells us that when this sort of thing happens, we are being called to do something. And if it somehow relates to God this is called a ‘divine calling’.

Unfortunately, our churches are currently being confronted by a leadership crisis as a record number of pastors are leaving vocational ministry. Why? Well, for lack of a better reason, these individuals believe they have lost their calling or never had one in the first place.

The statistics to support this are borderline staggering. Consider this, from 1992 to 2017, the percentage of pastors under the age of 55 dropped from 75% to 50%, and that continues to decline.

But herein lies the conundrum, God hasn’t stopped calling people into ministry. However, it seems that many churches have forgotten how to cultivate these divine urges of young men and women, leaving a rather significant void in raising up leaders for the next generation.

My guest today, Dr. Scott Pace, believes that the solution is rather simple. In fact, he wants to help church leaders invite and prepare those who believe they have been called by God into ministry. 

In his latest book authored with Shane Pruitt, Calling Out the Called: Discipling Those Called to Ministry Leadership, Dr. Pace describes the Biblical concept of calling and highlights key steps to help prepare anyone who is considering pastoral ministry or missionary work.

Dr. Pace joins us on the Crossmap Podcast to talk about what a calling actually is and how to boost conversations about discipleship and the call to ministry. Listen as he shares how to empower people to live their calling, rather than ignoring or suppressing it due to a lack of understanding.


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