6 Signs He Is A Keeper

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Some women are serious-minded about having a long-term relationship and have various questions about their men, such as do the men in their lives love them?

Are the men serious about being with them? What does this particular thing mean? What does that particular thing mean? What should they do about their situations?

The answers are usually right there, if they closely observe and accept the facts in front of them. I know this is true from my own experiences. It does require some patience, but to wait and see, and accept actual facts can spare women from wasting precious time and energy.

Some women are not serious-minded, and are fine with a more casual, inconsistent type of relationship with sporadic interactions. Other women prefer consistency and commitment.

What are some signs a man is not only serious about his lady, but that he is a keeper also?

1. He meets his woman’s reasonable standards.

For example, we all have core values, foundational beliefs that we adhere to. It is important to share foundational principles. Generally, he meets your reasonable standards and you meet his, because you both share the same values.

2. He makes his intentions clear.

He wants to be with you for the long haul and he makes that known. He is serious about you and it shows. He is clear about his intentions. He does not want to risk losing you to another man. You don’t have to wonder about his intentions, because he makes them very clear to you.

3. He respects boundaries.

He honors your boundaries (as you do his) and does not push, harass or manipulate you to do something if you are not comfortable with doing it. He does not push his will and demand his way, but seeks to come to an understanding and agreement. It’s about mutual respect and consideration.

4. He is loyal, monogamous.

When he gets to know you over time and you earn his trust, he is able to let his guard down. He already has strong morals. In addition, trust will help him to become more vulnerable, which will help enable his loyalty to one woman- and that woman is you.

5. He has similar or same goals/ aspirations and interests.

With mutual dreams and goals, you are unified in working together to accomplish them. The two of you will be able to make progress in life, fulfilling your purposes. You mesh well together.

6. He is consistent.

He regularly communicates via phone or otherwise and consistently spends time with you. He doesn’t just pop randomly in and out of your life.

You are not mainly the one pursuing him. Earlier on in the relationship, especially until it is established that he is truly interested, it is good to allow him to pursue you.

He doesn’t just take you out for a meal once a week and ask to come over late at bedtime once in a while. He desires it and makes sure to spend quality time with you-regularly.

Although he is not perfect and makes mistakes, overall he is consistently kind, respectful, and honest.

Ladies, when you meet a man like this, if you like him, you might want to hold onto him, respect and appreciate him. Then, you can see where things go from there! On a final note, Christian ladies should only be involved with God-fearing men who are followers of Christ.

“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” Amos 3:3 (KJV)

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