Bad Liars Make for Good Spouses. - Divorce Minister

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Pro-Tip: Marry a Bad Liar

One of Mrs. DM’s many endearing traits is that she is a bad liar. I can tell when she is trying to fool me…usually.

My ex-wife was (and is?) an excellent liar in my opinion. And that is not a complement. It is my observation.

It was chilling how well she lied. Maybe you can relate? 

I remember one instance where I would have had absolutely no clue that she had lied about a late night rendezvous with a male “friend” if she had not confessed to having just lied to me.

That experience hammered home to me that she could pretty much liar through any situation, and I would likely not know better unless I had the actual facts independently.

Life is so much better with a bad liar as a spouse!

Not only do I avoid the awful experience of staying married to an unrepentant cheater, I also have avoided the endless anxiety of living with the knowledge that I am married to someone who is comfortable (and good) at lying to me.

Give me a guileless, open spouse any day over scheming actress!

So, my recommendation is to look for that open and transparent trait if you decide to remarry (or marry for the first time).

Bad liars make for great spouses!

*A version of this post ran previously.

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