Dick Hoyt: Reflecting Our Heavenly Father’s Nature

A Truly Loving Family

A father running in a marathon while pushing a stroller.This week, I’d like to share a special video about a father and his disabled son, who changed each other’s lives.

When Rick Hoyt came into the world in 1962, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, cutting off his air supply. He suffered severe brain damage. This resulted in Cerebral Palsy. Rick couldn’t talk, walk, feed or dress himself. But he still had a personality and intelligence

Go, Team Hoyt!

In 1972, Rick got a special computer and started expressing himself more freely, He told his dad in 1977, “I want to run in this charity race” Back then, his father, Dick Hoyt, wasn’t a runner, and their 1st race was 5 miles. But Dick started training and on race day he ran, pushing his son in a wheelchair. When Team Hoyt crossed the finish line, it was a triumph for both of them. And it was only the beginning.  Team Hoyt has gone on to run the Boston Marathon over 20 times and completed in races all over the world.

Then one day, Rick told his dad, “I want to do a triathlon.”

To hear Team Hoyt’s whole story, please stop reading and watch this video. I’ll add a closing thought afterwards.

“Rick would tell ya if he was physically able to do something that he would probably play basketball, football or hockey. But then he always says no, the first thing he’d do is have me sit down in the wheelchair and push me.” Dick Hoyt

My Spiritual Point

Why am I featuring this YouTube video on my Christian blog? Because Dick Hoyt clearly reflects the Father-heart of God. We’re all horribly disabled by sin. There’s no way we could ever heal our disfigured, pathetically maimed souls. We’ve been permanently scarred by the evil rebellion An older racing cyclist in the country.inherent in our fallen natures. Any man-made gods would have destroyed the human race and started over somewhere else.

Instead, our God tenderly reached down to heal and redeem us from our sinful natures. Thru Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross, God the Father elevated us. One day in Heaven we’ll be fully restored, sharing in Christ’s righteous, loving nature, and there’s no better news then that.

These images came from Pixabay.