Following in Christ’s Footsteps

I Once Believed Abortion was a Good Thing.

I was a young teenager in 1973, when abortion was legalized in the United States. My mother subscribed to Cosmopolitan magazine. Both of us became pro-choice. How could we not be? In addition to all the other arguments, the feminists promised that abortion would end child abuse. because every unwanted baby would be aborted before birth.

That was a false promise or perhaps wishful thinking. You can’t get good fruit from a poisoned tree.

A stork standing guard over a sleeping baby in it's nest.

The Endangered Species Act needs to cover another species. (M. Puccini)

Why I Changed My Mind

I became a believer at the age of 20 and coming to know Christ changed my perspective about many things. I started to study the Bible, especially Jesus’ life. He didn’t value money. He also wasn’t addicted to being popular or famous.  He offended people by regularly speaking uncomfortable truths, and sometimes healed a disability and then told that person to keep the miracle a secret.

What did Jesus value? Human beings. Tax collectors were hated by their fellow Jews. Jesus recruited one to be his disciple. A blind beggar crying out for healing? Jesus stopped the crowd who was trying to get the blind man to shut up and gave him back his sight. . An outcast, slowly dying of leprosy? He went away cleansed. The deeply grieving widow ended up hugging her living, healthy son, in the middle of his funeral. All because the Lord felt her pain. and was moved by God the Father to do something about it.

My Spiritual Point

To follow in Christ’s footsteps means I have to value what my Lord Jesus Christ values. He counts every person on the planet as precious, because He created them. Humans have eternal souls, even babies in the womb.

All people matter to Him, so they have to matter to me—even those who are enemies.

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