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A college professor asked her students, “Who is Jesus?” The class majorly filled with Pentecostals, and Catholics became numb. A random kid opened up, saying, “He is the Son of God.” No one expected him to answer. In the last days, many who claim to be believers will miss out on the coming of the Lord. Like stuffed turkeys, filled with worldliness and self-righteousness.

When secular teachers pose a question, it’s important to answer or say what you know. Not all questions need answering, but straightforward ones like the one mentioned above. The fear of being mocked or alienated burdens us. The faithful stand against all odds.

Who can answer the question? 

A practicing believer fresh from His encounter with the living God! He, a newly saved and still not worn off by the cares of this life, readily responded. God reminds us to remember the sabbath day. Do you remember Jesus daily by starting the day with Him?

What does it require to answer the questions of life when it matters? 

Stick to what you know from the word of God and experiences that changed your life. Don’t get into an argument. Be to the point.

Respond in godly fear, not intellectual fervour. God can only work with humble hearts and not heavy heads. If we are full of this world, Heaven, will feel like a strange place. Never forget who you belong to and where you are going (1 Peter 2:9).

Who is Jesus to you? 

Is He the living God? The living God interacts freely with His children. How is your prayer life? Did you meditate on His word today?

Is Jesus the Chief Shepherd?

Is He the Captain of your soul?

A Friend in word and deed?

Receive your fresh encounter every morning in the presence of God. He alone can renew and refresh us for the day ahead. There is enough evil for each day, be prepared, in season, out of season.

Jesus is coming to take His Bride. Praise God, and Amen.

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