How To Raise A Christian Family With Abundant Joy And Blessings

Do you feel concerned about raising a Christian family in this sick world? Look no further than the Bible. The moral lessons, directions, inspiration, and spiritual insight abound for all parents.

A family is the foundation of every society and country. It is imperative to have families that are law-abiding with great moral values. In addition, the fear of God in any family results in many blessings down to their ancestry lineage.

Now What Is A Christian Family?

It is about a God-fearing husband and wife with their kids who share the same faith. To a larger extent, anyone in the bloodline who believes in Jesus Christ is a true member.

Lawlessness is an affront to God’s plan and will. Whoever you are, you must be obedient to the Lord. If an entire family, society, or country adheres to God’s law, the fruit of the spirit will always flourish. This means blessings will overflow.

Interestingly, someone has to take the responsibility to ensure the implementation of family values. The man (father/husband) is the head of the family. This is a divine position given by God. He is the one to ensure that the entire family is doing well in all respects. That is moral issues, finance, health, behavior, etc,

In a world of 7 to 8 billion people, more than 2 billion are known to be Christians. This means more people end up being raised in a Christian family.

Since, the Bible has instructions for wives, husbands, children, widows, and even anyone known to be a neighbor —an entire generation can be fruitful if there is proper upbringing from the respective parents.

8 Things A Christian Family Must Do To Grow In Th Lord

1. Pray together early in the morning

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a faith-believing family joined together or down on their knees in prayer. Pray by thanking God for his grace, mercy, provision, and protection.

2. Make morning devotion a habit

Both the man, woman, and children should take at least a verse from the Bible and ponder on it. Let each member understand the verse and be prepared to obey or practice.

3. Attend church together

In order to keep on building the spiritual life of your family. It is important to try not to miss church services and even other church programs. It’s a beautiful thing to go and come together. Such a glorious dedication to the Lord ought to be held in high esteem.

4. Teach every family member to learn how to pray consistently aside from family prayer schedules

The man/husband, woman/wife, and the children must individually learn how to pray privately. Because Jesus wants us to have a personal relationship with him.

5. Children must be thought to be obedient and God-fearing

It is the responsibility of a parent to take his child through Biblical discipline. Teach the kids more about Christian morality and values that attract handsome blessings from the Lord. Set the kids apart from the carnal lifestyle of this crooked world.

6. Share Bible stories together

In the evening or night a Christian family can read and share Bible stories. Eg, the story of Ruth, Esther, Samson, the good Samaritan, the prodigal son, etc, This can be done after supper. It’s good for a husband or wife to spend quality time with the family. There should be the void of unnecessary excuses.

7. Prayers Before bedtime

Before bedtime, prayers must be said before anyone sleeps. Because, in the night, the powers of darkness rise strongly to operate against the children of God.

8. Divine tolerance must be allowed to prevail

Always there should be divine tolerance among members of the Christian family to ensure the continuous existence of love, unity, and peace. Make allowance for each other’s faults and be forgiving at all times.

The Task Of Training Up A Child

Today, most of our modern laws forbid parents from flogging their children when they misbehave. This has been a major problem for our various societies.

On the contrary, the Bible says, children must be disciplined to shape their behavior. The Bible, therefore, recommends flogging. It is one of the best ways to raise a God-fearing generation who would be responsible leaders and parents to push the world’s peace, economy, etc forward.

“The one who spares his rod hates his child, but the one who loves his child is diligent in disciplining him.” (Proverbs 13:24)

Some might wonder how the Bible shows how parents should discipline their children. Kids are special gifts from God. They need to be trained very well in the knowledge of God. For instance, give them gifts that can build their knowledge about God.

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

This is very true. Children who grew up lacking good parental control often become nuisances to communities. They end up being lawless gangsters who commit various degrees of crimes and end up in prison or face untimely death.

Records have it that, in American prisons, many inmates get to know about God for the first time when they chance to read some Bible verses.

A parent is instructed by the Bible to discipline his child with the rod before it becomes too late. As a Christian family, the children will learn almost everything from you as a father or mother. In this case, the way you talk, dress, behave, etc must be pleasing to God as Paul talked about.

Lesson From Socrates of Athens

In the days of Socrates of Athens, (l. c. 470/469-399 BCE) he actively advocated for the best of disciplines for the youth. He is a man who pushed morality to the highest.

Coming from a family that teaches and cherishes morality helps in raising children who are law-abiding citizens, responsible, and hard-working. The youth today must learn something from the story of Samson who ignored his parents’ advice and instructions on marriage. He ended up dying a tragic death.

The Wife And The Husband Need Mutual Love

When there is mutual love and respect among a husband and wife, the marriage survives many hardships. Love is very powerful, it conquers, hate, jealousy, adultery, divorce, fear, division, etc,

Happy family quotes

There is a specific instruction for a Christian husband and wife. In the book of Ephesians 5 verses 22 and 25 respectively say; wives should submit themselves to their husbands and husbands to love their wives unconditionally.

There is nothing more beautiful than having a marriage full of love, peace, and understanding. Setting up an occasional family gathering can also help strengthen the family ties and address any hurtful issue amicably.

In our modern world, we can barely see marriages bound with strong love. This has caused an increase in divorces across the world. This must be different in Christian families. It begins by letting God take full control of your life and decisions.

According to sources, nearly 2,400 divorces are happening each day, and 876,000 divorces per year around the world. First-time marriages have a divorce rate of 41%. This is discouraging people from getting married and raising children.

Finally, to start thinking of knowing how to raise a Christian family as a parent, you must be full of the fear of God.

A family is an institution established by the Lord himself in the garden of Eden and assigned the respective responsibilities to each other.

The Devil always targets this institution to break it. Because if we get rampant broken homes all around us, crime, poverty, lawlessness, and all the social vices you can think of also become rampant.

Sadly, a country like China is raising an army of children who don’t believe in the existence of God. The communist government has ordered the teaching and impartation of atheism philosophy into the minds of children.

Imagine being a Christian parent in China. You surely have to hide and school your love kids about God in the house.

I pray the Lord gives you as a parent the heavenly wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual insight to raise your children in the fear of the Lord. The responsibility of raising a family in the light of God is huge and so must be tackled with all due diligence.

May your marriage also be prosperous and peaceful always. God bless you for coming here. You can share this content with your loved ones.

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