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How to stop marriage abuse. How can the church react today without kicking against the Word of God.

You will love this comment or suggestions I gave on how to stop marriage abuse. If course the church should react. The church react without going against the will of God as we have it in the bible.

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What is marriage abuse?

Marriage abuse is all about violence in marriage. It’s about the physical abuse of women in marriages by their husbands.

There are so many things that can qualify as abuse in marriage today but I won’t be writing about that today. A future post will.

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How to stop marriage abuse: The right reaction from the church

I want you to read my sincere view about how the church should react to stop marriage abuse.

Marriage brutality and abuse: How the church should react. While the church needs to start sensitizing women about the availability of separation,

I believe we also have to do it with caution. Some folks will also see it as a liberty to leave a marriage even when there is no threat. I think the church should let the people know that there is a process the church will follow if a case of abuse in marriage is reported. So the first thing is that the case must be reported to the church authority.

The church can intervene and begin to talk to both parties. The church can even talk to both parents if possible. The church should be deeply involved. The woman should not keep things away from the church at this stage. If the violence continues, the church should opt for the separation option and stand solidly behind the woman.

I once took a pregnant neighbor’s wife to the police station when the husband began to beat her consistently. The Police advised she should leave the house and the environment. She did. Some months later she almost died during childbirth. The troubles were much. Lots of complications. The husband actually died few days after the baby was born. He never set his eyes on the new baby.

It’s a pity the husband died but the woman would have died too – he would have killed her. She wouldn’t have the opportunity to take care of her children today.

The church should look closely at this and put the clause of separation into their regulations when we have the case of marriage abuse but with a clear indication of the process to follow.

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