In Spirit to See the Lord, His Throne, and New Jerusalem

New JerusalemIn Revelation 1:10 John tells us, “I was in spirit on the Lord’s Day.” He heard a voice, turned to see the voice, saw seven golden lampstands and the Son of Man in their midst (1:10-13).

In Revelation 4:1 a heavenly voice called to John. In verse 2 he says, “Immediately I was in spirit” and he saw a throne in heaven and One sitting on the throne.

In Revelation 21:9 an angel called John to come so that he could be shown the bride, the wife of the Lamb. Then the angel carried John away in spirit and he saw holy Jerusalem with the glory of God (21:10-11).

All three times it was not only the Holy Spirit moving. It was the Holy Spirit mingled with John’s human spirit. The two spirits are united into one as 1 Corinthians 6:17 declares. Because John was experienced in living in spirit, the Spirit could move in him.

Through this he saw the Lord among the golden lampstands, the forerunner of New Jerusalem as the eternal lampstand. He also saw God on the throne and he saw New Jerusalem coming down from heaven to earth. It is only by being “in spirit” that we can have these heavenly visions.

May we all learn to live in spirit and all have a vision of the Lord, His throne, and the city.

Posted by Don on March 4, 2024

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