Labouring For Eternal Life Begins On Earth - Raising Generation Zion

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Are you doing your Father’s business? Or are you doing your thing? Every business involves money. Money is necessary to survive. Nothing wrong with earning money to feed your needs. 

As a believer, how is your life daily invested in the kingdom of God? Are you waking up to do God’s will or excel only in your workplace?

At 12, Jesus got pulled out of the temple because He was doing the Heavenly Father’s business. 

At the beginning of His ministry, Jesus established the difference between a believer and a non-believer. In Matthew 6:24, He compared Money with God as a Master. A believer will not live for money but stay invested in winning souls daily for Christ.

When He entered Jerusalem, He went into a temple and cleaned up the money-minded. (Matthew 21)

Jesus called out the hypocrisy of the young man who thought he had figured out God’s ways. He loved money more than God. 

Eternal life begins on Earth, but labouring is only for Earth.

Let us not be deceived, brother/ sister. Money is important, and food and clothing are necessary. Every earthly need is temporary. God is eternal. Jesus desires we labour for eternal life. (John 6:27)

In Christ, we have already entered into eternal life. The diligent believers’, not the carnally minded believer, transition from Earth to eternity will be a natural one. When he enters eternal glory, it will be a super-enhanced version without the travails of the fleshly body. The beauty of Christ he partly experiences now will turn into unimaginable fullness of God. It will be an expected end, not an “Oh? Heaven? feeling.”

The bride of Christ is not so busy today to not keep Jesus first. Her only desire is her first love, Jesus Christ. She labours night and day, doing God’s will, and labouring for the glory of God.

We need to set our affections on things above. Fix your mind on Christ. In all things, bring Him the glory. The time is here. Maranatha, Praise God, and Amen.

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