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Photography Blogs for Beginners
Photography blogs for Beginners

Welcome to our Photography blogs for beginners by Jon Frederick, lead photographer for Seven11! We hope you find what you are looking for, but please feel free to reach out with questions or suggested topics using our contact form below!

Our goal with this free resource is to help you develop your photography skills and learn a hobby that will be rewarding for a lifetime. We also hope to instill in new photographers that you can create great work while still remaining true to your Christian values. So, jump in, learn and enjoy! If interested, you can also check out our most recent series, Immersion, currently pending publication!

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immersion, God is all around us, with his answers in view, we only need to open our eyes to see them

Faith-Inspired Photography: Is that like a God thing?

I was recently asked on social media, “what is faith-inspired photography, is it like a God or religion thing?” So let’s examine it.

Servo Mode, camera settings

These 5 Under Used Camera Settings are Game Changers

These 5 Under Used Camera Settings are Game Changers. These are settings you aren’t using but should be to advance. Read More…

Photography Projects, low light, ISO, fireworks, shutter drag, night

5 Great Photography Projects to Hone your Skills

5 Great Photography Projects to Hone your Skills. Advance your skills and create some great images, step by step. Read More..

learn photography, starting photography

Starting Photography: I decided to buy a camera, now what?

Starting Photography: I decided to buy a camera, now what? From buying a camera to figuring out your next steps. This is where to start. …

understanding photography composition

how to Compose a Photo Like a Professional Photographer

How to compose a photo like a professional photographer. What is photography composition? How to see art like a pro. Read More…


What is High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography good for?

What is HDR Photography, and when should we use it. How to take HDR Photos with your camera. pros and cons to HDR photography. Read …

Servo Mode, camera settings

A Simple Guide to Your Camera’s Autofocus Modes

A Simple Guide to Your Camera’s Autofocus Modes. Find out what each mode does and when to use them.

lead photographer, christian encouragement writer, multi-internationally published

The 7 Basic Camera Settings Mistakes Made by Photographers

The 7 Basic Camera Settings Mistakes Made by Photographers. We keep making the same mistakes! Read More..

landscape photography

Landscape Photography Settings: Relearning what we know for amazing sharpness

Discover the landscape photography settings that create sharp, awe-inspiring images ready to hang in a gallery. Read More..

Bokeh photography how to

Bokeh photography how to: 8 secrets to maximize bokeh

A Bokeh Photography how to article. Maximize your bokeh using any of these 8 easy to follow tricks and bring new life to your photos. …

real estate photography

The Ultimate Guide to Beginning Photography for Real Estate

Want to know how much to charge? How to get started? What to do during your first shoot? What equipment to bring? This is the …

balancing photography

Balancing Photography: How to bring aesthetics to your photos

Balancing elements in photography is putting forethought into your art before ever snapping a picture. Learn how to see the world of photography in a …

Fields of Photography, photography niches

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