Seeking Writers for a Collaborative Book - Bravester

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My first book is a unique book about being the people that hurting people need. Because a platitude didn’t help you. Because drive-by prayers made you feel even more alone in your pain. The book, I Wish I Could Take Away Your Pain, is autobiographical but also practical. With short pages and lots of doodles. It is about my pain and the people who carried me. It is how you can do the same for your people. There is not another book like it. It is available in paperback and Kindle.

I would like my next book to be a collaborative effort of others offering the hope of your pain with the beauty of those who helped you carry it. My story is beautiful. And so is yours. Let’s collaborate together to write and launch this book of hope. This book will be on Kindle only.

Your story must include:

  • Must be true as we are not seeking vulnerability hangovers.    
  • Use a variation of the word brave once.
  • Use a variation of the word beauty once.
  • Find a way to incorporate all five senses into your story.
  • Contain how a person or persons helped you carry your pain.

I’m not assigning a word count. I ask you to write your story well and consider the reader on a Kindle.

As part of our larger media company, Bravester has an in-house media team which uses all of the latest design software. Like all of our publications, the next book will be created in Adobe InDesign, the industry-leading layout and page design software, as opposed to generic one-size-fits-all software and freeware such as Publisher or Kindle Create. 

The book will be in the Amazon Kindle store for $2.99 alongside I Wish I Could Take Away Your Pain (also $2.99).

Along with your bio, we ask you to give a book recommendation for that one book that you read and clung to during your painful season. (Of course, not your book. This is the book that gave you words of hope.) This book recommendation will be included after your bio. We are giving the reader 10 hopeful book recommendations too!

You must be a Christian writer. At Bravester we have a larger story view of God. Please read our Statement of Faith (scroll to the bottom). We ask that your faith align with this.

Bravester (PBMedia) will take on the expense of the entire beautiful book, thusly, receive all of the income also.

What you will receive in return: 
  • Your bio with your story. Please link to your writer’s page. Please offer your lead magnet.
  • We will ask you to give us one powerful pull-quote. We will create one of our memes for you using that quote. This meme will include your name and your writer website. There will be no Bravester branding on it. Here are two of my personal favorites we have designed for Bravester.

This beautiful meme will also be included inside the book to open your story.

  • We will create social media posts about the book you can use. These posts will feature you. We ask you to post generously in your email and social media about the development of the book and the book launch.
  • We will have a collaborative book launch team. If you don’t know what a book launch team is or what to offer, read this to get just a start to what a book launch team is.
  • We will also be creating other pre-launch hype ideas and post-launch hype ideas. If you have any ideas that we haven’t thought of, you are invited to contribute also. This is a team collaboration with your story and your ideas that matter also. I’m sure you will have something to teach me too.
  • On the Bravester YouTube page we will host a book chat with every author. We will use Zoom for this chat. This is your opportunity to talk about your writing and just give a little of what you contributed to the book. We want the viewers to buy the book so don’t say too much!
  • If you are a published author, we will be creating a book giveaway bundle of all of our books, signed.

If your story is chosen, you will be invited into our Facebook group for all the discussion and updates about the book. If your story is not chosen, you are still invited to join the book launch team and the Facebook group to be on the inside of this book. There will be 100 reasons why your story is not chosen but being a part of this collaborative effort even on the book launch team is an opportunity for you to network and share your wisdom.

Please fill out this form and let’s start this collaborative relationship!