Teachers, Why We Do What We Do, And a Book Review

Teacher friends, do you ever wonder why you show up to school every day? Do you wonder why you continue to do what you do? 

One of my most precious memories of teaching is when my 5th grade class was studying the Christmas story and the lineage of Christ. Mid-lesson, one of my young theologians raised his hand and asked a very serious question. He said, “Mrs. Willis, does it hurt to have a baby?” Momently struck dumb, I said a quick prayer for wisdom, maybe turned a bit pink and proceeded to explain that the pain of childbirth is part of the curse. Hoping that was a good enough explanation for the time being, I attempted to move on to the next part of the lesson. But of course, it was not enough. We needed to discuss blood and breech births, near death experiences, and recoveries. I assured the students that being a mom was worth the pain and most of us make it through childbirth ok… millions of us do every year. 

The young theologian was never afraid to ask hard questions. And I was happy to answer them. That’s how we learn and grow. He is now married and has a child of his own. He is a teacher now of Greek and theology and has just recently given birth to a different kind of child, his book “Flash Theology.” I don’t think there was any actual blood, but I am sure there was the proverbial “blood, sweat, and tears” as this child was born.  

I am not sure if Brayden remembers anything he actually learned in 5th grade, but I am honored to have been a part of his foundational learning and am so proud of who he has become. I love to see his passion for learning and teaching God’s truths. I have not read the whole book yet, but I am digging in and loving it!

So teachers, this is why we do what we do. 

My name is Keri Willis. I am a semi-retired educator. I spent a great deal of my career working with adults with developmental disabilities and many years in elementary education, in the classroom and as an administrator. My main ministry now is coordinating the women’s ministry for our church in San Diego, CA. I have been married thirty-four years and have two grown and married children. I now have a head of full grey hair and good ideas.
I believe we are created to use our gifts and to be creative. That comes in many forms for me. I love to woodwork and use power tools, design, decorate, garden, and create new recipes. And I love to write. One major lesson I have learned in my writing journey is that I need to be still and listen to hear God’s voice before I am prepared to put into words the message he has instilled in my heart. This has been much easier since I am no longer working full time, but it is so easy to get distracted and not listen, which almost always ends with an empty page in the form of writer’s block.
While I have written many articles for newsletters and local newspapers, I did not consider myself a writer until I self-published my first book, Teapots and Power Tools. https://www.amazon.com/Teapot…/dp/1466458763/ref=sr_1_3…
The idea emerged as I was working on a project in my garage. I had worship music playing, power tools out and saw dust flying. I glanced up and saw my delicate teapot sitting on my router table. The message was clear. Sometimes we are using the power tools God gives us and sometimes he just wants us to be still and have tea with him. The book became the foundation for a women’s retreat, and then my amazing niece helped me work through publishing it on Create Space (now KDP).
At least five other projects are in different stages of production. I joined hope*writers to help motivate me and keep me focused and accountable. I am still trying to figure out the whole website and blog thing. That is my next goal for myself; that and finish writing at least one of my projects!
Teapots and Power Tools: Effectively using the tools God has equipped you with, while taking time to “Be Still and Know That He is God”
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