This prophecy speaks of a time when the Lord will demonstrate His judgment on wrongdoers and those who have walked in continual and intentional rebellion. A time when the severity of sin across the earth is such that all of heaven will respond in order to execute the needed justice. And though this prophecy could be interpreted as the “final judgment,” I believe there other renderings of God’s justice before His final sentence. I don’t believe the purpose of my dream or the word about the “fiery arrow” was to suggest some doomsday timeline. I believe this reference to Enoch’s prophecy indicates how to prepare for a time of heavenly intervention that will usher in the fear of the Lord.

There has never before been a time in history when we have been so globally connected and aware of evil and sin. Just as in the days of Noah, the whole earth has been corrupted by the seed of Satan and poisoned by the enemy’s venom. And yet, the needed justice against the ungodly and corrupt has not been fully met. Though we have seen a measure, the needed judgments against the wicked on the earth has yet to be seen for the collective good.

I believe this is what the Lord is preparing us for. A time when the whole earth will see HIS justice rendered and HIS wrath against evil doers fully displayed. It will not be His final judgment, but a visible demonstration of who He is so that no doubt will remain as to His sovereign rule over the earth. It will be visible proof that there are consequences for those who disobey and consistently refuse His laws.

But, it will also be a demonstration of His favor on the righteous and the blessings poured out upon those who live according to His word. Fueled by His love and mercy, it will be undeniable evidence that those who follow Him will be rewarded. Following this tangible demonstration of the fear of the Lord, there will be an increase of the Holy Spirit’s power and presence upon the earth to usher in many souls to the Kingdom. Having seen the proof of His sovereign rule, the choice will be given for many to turn from the path of destruction to eternal life.

It is to this end, that Jude cites this prophecy of Enoch so that we will know how to pray through this time of intense discipline and correction. Based on verses 20-23, I would like to suggest these directives as we pray and intercede in the coming weeks and months:

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