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stay alert

A long train journey, say 2-3 days, disrupts your routine. Nothing is more important than what is before you.

You find yourself with new people, among different languages, varying cultural habits, etc. It is no more just about you as you go about getting through the day. You need to accommodate, share, and put on your best kindness.

We often find it difficult to adjust to changes. The journey planned for weeks or months does not mean one can get comfortable. But a greater need for alertness and tact.

The Christian life is full of alertness and tact. Jesus said each day has its evil, and we will face challenges daily. Indeed, our every thought and feeling will face the test. If we are not living alert daily, the environment or location changes will become difficult or impossible to adjust.

Stay alert like Jesus as you navigate life

Jesus left His glory, majesty and pleasures of heaven and stepped into an increasingly sinful world. There was no respite for Jesus. He walked in heavenly rest and therefore came out victorious over every test. Every day Jesus faced some evil or the other. But, He was clear about how He needed to be in any given situation. What He needed to do (God told Him) and how to do it (Holy Spirit help) was clear to Him.

“For I gave them the words you gave me, and they accepted them. They knew with certainty that I came from you, and they believed that you sent me”.

John 17:8

You and I need to be clear about the will of God in life. When we keep Jesus first, everything else is secondary. We are alive like Christ. Our mind and heart, fixed on His love, keeps us aware of how we need to be daily.

Be Jesus, desire His best. Maranatha, praise God and Amen!

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