Unanswered Questions

What would happen if the world did end?
Would everyone’s troubles and heartache mend?
Is there a god and what does he think?
Will he make this world of ours sink?
Why can’t everyone’s head just stay level?
Do you think it has to do with the devil?
Will there really be a paradise on earth?
Or will we be born in someone’s new birth?
Is there a heaven or is there a hell?
Which god is real, how do you tell?
How does one pray?
And will god know what we say?
With so many religions how do you pick?
Couldn’t all these decisions make one sick?
Why are there so many unanswered questions?
Is all we have is just another’s suggestions?

The answer is death, and sin is the clue…
And it’s not the devil’s fault it’s you.
You see we all die because we sin,
And fear is there, you can’t deny it’s true.

Look to the law of God and find what’s within,
It’s there you’ll see your desire for sin.
There is a God who sees every thought and deed,
He sees your heart, it’s selfishness and greed.

And yes there’s a hell and darkness that awaits…
Just as sure as heaven’s an eternal place.
And God does hear when we pray,
Though only what the brokenhearted say.

And so if it’s knowledge and truth that you seek,
To the law of God for you…
That you may become humble and meek.
No one ever found God deep in their pride,
He finds us as we break inside.

Alas, you brokenhearted, lift up your eyes and gaze…
See the cross where He bled.
He died there because you sinned, stand amazed…
And God’s requirement was death, His in your place.

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