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What are the benefits of Anointing oil

  • ·March 24, 2023

I was inspired to write this post on what are the benefits of anointing oil because of a simple and friendly argument I had with an older Christian friend sometimes ago

But before I go further into the details of our argument, let me share some simple information with you about the anointing oil.

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What is anointing oil?

According to a Wikipedia source, the anointing oil is:

The holy anointing oil formed an integral part of the ordination of the priesthood and the High Priest as well as in the consecration of the articles of the Tabernacle and subsequent temples in Jerusalem.

But in some instances, the anointing oil was used for some other cases apart from the ones mentioned in that Wikipedia definition or description above. You will read more about this in this article.

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What are the benefits of anointing oil

Some of the benefits of anointing oil have been analyzed from the details of my argument with my friend in the remaining part of this post.

Anointing oil is not replaced by the Holy Spirit

My friend argued that the anointing oil has no relevance again in New Testament Christianity. He said it has been replaced by the Holy Spirit. Well, I disagreed completely and my reply is shown below:

If it has been replaced with the Holy Spirit, how come a New Testament writer, James mentioned it? If he mentioned it, it was likely he was using it.

Anointing oil usage has been abused

My older Christian friend also said that anointing oil usage has been abused by lots of men of God and as a result, the use of anointing oil should not be encouraged.

Well, I disagreed again with my friend. This was my humble reply:

If it has been abused by some, that does not nullify the benefits of anointing oil. A lot of other things and situations have been abused by some ungodly people in the Christian circle.

The abuse by some does not make a Biblical injunction or commandment invalid. It depends on who is administering the anointing oil. It’s just like money – it depends on the hands of who it’s found.

Use of anointing oil is evil

The use of anointing oil is evil! I was surprised my friend said this. But again, I completely disagreed. This was my response:

If it’s evil and I have seen some accomplished men of God use it, how come God has not stopped them? Or do you want to say God did not call them and God is not the one dragging souls to their ministry in thousands?

What about the many testimonies? The anointing oil in the hand of a bad pastor is evil but in the hands of a Spirit-filled pastor, it is good.

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What are the benefits of anointing oil: My Testimony

Finally, during our friendly argument, I shared a simple testimony I had about the benefits of anointing oil and about the usefulness of anointing oil today. Read my final comment to my friend below:

A family friend called us very early in the morning almost in tears and told us about how her son could not open his eyes again. We began to pray with her on the phone.

Then, suddenly, I was inspired by an instruction to her: I said, ” Do you have anointing oil at home, please apply it. She did and the eyes opened.

Now I don’t even know where she got the anointing oil from. But I was inspired to tell her to use it.

There are benefits of anointing oil that we can still enjoy today. The use of anointing oil is still relevant today.

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