Spring Cleaning – But Does it Spark Joy? – Part Two – Pathways to Organization

Lane Jordan

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I hope Part One of the spring cleaning blog helped you. I think what helps motivate me to clean and organize is that I really want the finished result! I love my home best when it is clean and free of clutter. When I can walk into my closet and all my clothes are where they are supposed to be – on hangers or in drawers and not in a heap on the floor – I feel like a new person! I have JOY!

And yet it really is hard to keep a house running smoothly and in order as well as keeping up with all our children’s activities, paperwork, our work, time with our husband and our personal items, I know that. But I also know that a little effort every day can pay off in huge dividends later.

Action Plan

Action Plan

My 10 Minute Quick Clean has revolutionized many of your households:  Each night before you go to bed you “quick clean/organize” the living areas of your house. You pick up any item that is laying around and put it back in its place; you straighten the room; sweep/swifter the floor; set out breakfast items; make sure all book bags and your purse, etc. is by the door; close down computers and turn off lights.

The next morning before you leave for the day do a “quick clean/organize” all the sleeping areas of your house: Make beds, wipe down bathroom counters, take dirty laundry to laundry room, pick up items that are laying around and put back in their place.

Just these quick 10-minutes can really help you stay on top of the clutter that wants to take over your home!

Now back to Spring Cleaning! Last time we discussed bedrooms, bathrooms and your kitchen. Today, I’d like to share some tips on the other areas of your home:

  1. Closets.  From your hall closet that keeps your heavy coats to all your clothes closets, these can be the hardest to get back in shape. I know organizing my closet to get ready for a new season is my hardest task.  I go through every item and pull out: those items that need to be cleaned and stored away for next season; those items I’m ready to give away; and those items that are in good shape and can stay in my closet. I also go through all my drawers, belts, scarves and jewelry and try to reduce to just what I love to wear.  NOTE:  Have your children do the same with their own closets to teach them at an early age! Then when they are finished, you can make a list of all they need for the next season, now that you have an organized closet. 
  2. Office. Many of us work from home. Now is the time to clear clutter off all your work surfaces and make specific places for papers and work items; go through paper files; clear out old electronic files; clean your lap top, mouse and key-board (with compressed air).  Organize photos, bills, insurance papers, etc. and make sure you have all important documents, passports, will, etc. in one designated place. Organize your supply area and make a list of items (as printer ink) that you need to buy. Vacuum or clean the floor, windows, trash cans. 
  3. Laundry room. I personally feel that this room should be as organized as possible. Why? Because clothes are expensive and where we wash and how we wash clothes is very important. For those of you with children at home, you will probably have to wash clothes daily. Make a weekly plan of when you will wash bed sheets and towels; darks and lights; sport clothes; rugs; and dog/cat blankets. Keep your detergents in one place and separate baskets for dark and light clothes. Also, time the dryer so that you can take out clothes while still slightly damp and hang or lay out to reduce wrinkles. NOTE: I have just been taught that fabric softeners and fabric sheets are toxic. They leave a coating on your clothes. I have stopped using them and instead use dryer balls in my dryer. I also use a laundry detergent that I make myself. 
  4. Other. Dust/clean all your air and heating vents throughout the house. Visit a bargain store and find great organizing items as over-the-door shoe holders, shower caddies, towel holders, hooks, plastic bins and drawer dividers. The best way to reduce clutter? Use hooks, bins and shelving to keep items in their correct zones!


Manna from Heaven

Manna from Heaven

For God is not a God of disorder but of peace. I Corinthians 14:33

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