Testimony: I am blind, still, I see – Raising Zion

Nehemiah Zion

“I belonged to a religious family, we did our regular prayers and worshipped on the altar of religion. My father is a farmer, the only earning member in the family. Mom is a stay-at-home, while my siblings are younger, studying in college.”

I fell horribly sick

“One day I fell sick, and the sickness took a toll on me. Even though I recovered from my sickness I went blind. I could no longer see with my physical eyes. My parents took me to various hospitals around the country. But at the end, all the doctors had to say was that only God could save me now.”

Hello, God?

“When my doctors gave up. I turned to the gods. Nothing. No response. I heard about a prayer house where miraculous healings took place. When I went there I was amazed to see the deaf hear and other miracle healings take place in the name of Jesus. One of the moderators, reached out to me and said that I wouldn’t get my healing here. And that I had to find a believer who prayed daily.”

A friend in Jesus

“I reached out to an old friend I knew who was zealous in Christ. He requested me to join him in his daily prayers. During these prayers my friend taught me who Jesus was, and that I just needed to come to Him as I were. He helped me understand that God desired a heart that sought Him sincerely. Not just for healing or fulfilling earthly needs alone. I began to cry out to God. Started going to church. Once while I was praying with the Bible open – a rushing wind shook me. I got scared. In the middle of all the seeking, I feel ill with ‘chicken pox’. The more I heard about Jesus and how he healed every manner of sickness and all manner I disease, I decided not to touch medicine or consult a doctor. I was healed within days.

In between, the devil would lure me with dreams to stay away from Jesus and turn to other “gods”. It left me quite curious, but I kept my focus on Jesus.

Days later, in a dream, Jesus revealed Himself to me. I saw the Cross of Calvary and His love for me. I knew Jesus had to be true, I thank God for the grace to keep believing so I could eventually see the Salvation of the Lord.”

Eyes wide shut, vision wide open

“After receiving Jesus as Lord, I went ahead and took Water Baptism. Born again, Water Baptised, my soul was filled with a freshness and healing that I never felt before. I felt ALIVE!

One day, my Uncle fell ill. Before the doctor came, I felt stirred to go and pray for him. I knelt beside his bed as he suffered in pain with sickness. I raised my hands, kneeling down, and started to loudly praise God. In 30 minutes, my Uncle stood up healed.

Another time, my 3.5 year old niece was sick with high fever. Her parents were worried and troubled at their child’s state. I requested the child be left with me till they get a doctor. The child often visited my house and would sit beside me whenever I prayed in my room alone. The parents placed the sick child, with high fever, beside me – I began to praise God. By evening, as I concluded the prayer, the child was completely healed.

God is great; and true to His Word, he dwells in the praises of His children. I am yet to receive my healing from blindness. Yet, my loving Saviour continues to use me for others healing. I don’t have the words to express my love for Him.”

Note: Names and certain incidents are omitted for anonymity without compromising on the essence, for the edification of readers and believers.

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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