Mid-Week Musing: A few of my favorites from around the web

I haven’t done a mid-week musing in quite some time. I’ve been holding open windows on my iPhone for months with all of these amazing posts and ideas that I’d love to share. Well, it’s time to share those and a few more of my favorites from around the web lately.

I’ve been consumed with my health and thinking about all of the many hurts in the world, so honestly, writing hasn’t been at the top of my list. I’m working on changing that. Now more than ever we need the things that bring our souls to life.

Are you feeling more than a bit tired of the state of the world like me? I’m sure you are. I was thinking about how I could use this little space here to rant about the newest world crisis or… I could do what I set out to do; Share hope and encouragement.

I choose hope. What better time to share good things?

Here’s hoping these articles, resources, and blog posts from around the web will encourage and uplift your heart today. Cheers to you friend!

The World Needs Healers

I truly enjoyed this simple yet impactful post. The last paragraph says it all…
“The world is already burning. It needs fire extinguishers, not firebrands. Be a healer who tends to the wounds of the fighters from both sides…”

The Courage to say “Help”

I love everything about this post and the book that it’s discussing in the opening. I think this book would make a phenomenal gift.
“What is the bravest thing you’ve ever said?” asked the boy.
“Help,” said the horse.

US Elections Lap Book:

Speaking of books; I just love Sonlight. Love them. I’ve never done a full unit study of theirs, I’ve just picked and chosen key items since we’ve always been part of a co-op type program. However, if we transition to full-time homeschool anytime soon, this is who I would go with. With 2020 being an election year I thought this would be such a fun way to study and teach our kids the election process. I’m ordering one for my 6th grader and can’t wait to dig in in the fall!

Of Oceans, thimbles, and talking to your kids about death:

Here’s one on talking to your kids about death. (I know, doesn’t sound super encouraging. But believe me, it is.) It gave me some great perspective even into my own fear of death. It’s a great read.
“If it is the time God has chosen for you to die, you can drown in a thimble; if it’s not, then you can survive for days in the open ocean.”

We may be confused, but God isn’t: 

Oh my—just read it. I promise you’ll breathe a little easier once you do.
“There is so much that we don’t understand. There is so much that we are incapable of understanding. So rest is found in trusting the Father.” 

Embracing Motherhood: Do you feel stuck or maybe feel motherhood is a prison?

I really enjoy Melissa’s blog. She has so much amazing info and stories from her own life to help moms do the most important job they will ever have: motherhood.
“…it hit me right then and there: I was the gatekeeper of my home.  That is what my dream was about.  All this time I had been biding my time, waiting to return to work and leave my kids alone at the most important age in their young lives.”  

Enjoy these reads and please feel free to share!

As always, friend, thank you for stopping by,


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