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On January 31, 2021 it will be one year since I stepped into a movie theatre. Thanks to COVID-19, movie theaters here in Florida shut down and have not really been functioning as normal since. Now, I don’t know about you, but I just love going to the movies. Maybe it is the smell of the popcorn, the anticipation of the movie , or perhaps the cool atmosphere with reclining chairs. For me, it is mostly the opportunity to shut down the brain and check out of life for a moment.

It doesn’t matter why we love going to the movies so much because we can’t go, right?

I recently came across a mother on TikTok who turned her living room into a movie theater for her kids. She even went so far as to put a mattress on the floor, pop the popcorn, fill a bucket with snacks and ice some drinks! This got me thinking. What if we turn our own living room into a theater? Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?

Next weekend, that is what we are going to do. And I’ve got the perfect movie to watch, too: Faith Under Fire. Have you heard of it? Starring Kevin Sorbo, Nick Vlassopoulos, and Dean Cain, this movie has a great message with a lot of hope. Life is not always easy – and holding on to faith is crucial. Faith Under Fire is your reminder. It’s a movie that we can watch with the kids, too.

I recently chatted with Melissa Kerley, the owner of Generation Courage Films. And, although this faith-based feature file was released into theaters on November 27th through Universal Studios, the message out about it still needs to get out. It’s that important.

So, what’s it about? According to their website, here's the synopsis:

After an exhausting night saving a young girl from a raging house fire, Fireman Tom Hatcher is at the end of his rope. He couldn’t save his wife from cancer – and worse yet – his six year old daughter, Tiffany, is now facing the same possible fate. When he finds himself in a cold jail cell after attacking a pastor out of frustration with a seemingly absent God, Tom begins to reflect on his downward spiral into despair. But with the help and persistent friendship of the very man he assaulted, Tom is challenged to face his grief and embrace faith in the darkest hours of his life.

Tell me about Generation Courage. What is your mission? What sets you apart?

Melissa: Our mission is to be a light in the darkness of Hollywood. Being owned by a woman is what sets us apart from other faith-based companies.

Why do you think God placed the script for Faith Under Fire in your hands?

Melissa: Movies always portray God as a healer and a God of Miracles and yes He is, however, sometimes He doesn't always give you the miracle you want, but He always gives you what you need. He wants you to have a deep connection with Him and grow closer to Him. You have to go through some trials and tribulations, but the bible says when you do go through these consider yourself blessed. This a story that needed to be told on the screen especially during these times. We live life forward but we understand it backwards.

What is the message behind the film?

Melissa: God is there even when you don't see it or understand it. In this life you will have trouble, but remember Jesus has overcome the world. In this life you will have suffering and loss, how we deal with it is what matters and if we can learn to trust God in every situation we will overcome it.

Who do you hope will be touched or inspired by the film?

Melissa: Everyone. I hope it resonates with people and people grow closer to God. I hope people understand a little better why sometimes God doesn't answer our prayers the way we want Him to.

What is one of the most memorable scenes you filmed?

Melissa: The ending scene when Tom is reading the letter. We had the perfect day, perfect location, and I knew it would make an amazing visual ending.

What was it like filming this movie in general?

Melissa: It was a look of hard work, but fun at the same time. Great cast and crew to work with.

I’ll give you a word, you give me your fastest, one/two word response. Ready?

  • Sorbo: Christian Actor

  • Cain: Conserative

  • Vlassopoulos: Best MI Actor

  • Fire: Department of Northville

  • Cancer: Family

  • Faith: Hope

  • God: Mercy

If you could tell readers one thing about Faith Under Fire and/or Generation Courage, what would it be?

Melissa: Check out Faith Under Fire in theaters, on streaming devices, or on DVD. Then, go to Generation Courage to find out more about our next project – Godspeed – and how you can help.

Written by Michelle Blan, this blog belongs to Re-printed with permission.

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