10 Tests Of A Good Worship Leader

Mark Cole

How are you doing as a worship leader? How do you know if you are a good worship leader? Let me suggest a few guidelines that will help to quantify your leadership.


10 Tests Of A Good Worship Leader

1. Is the congregation singing with you?

When you look out at the congregation, are they singing? Do you have a way to quantify how well your congregation is participating? Can you hear the congregation from the stage?

Note: There are some people who rarely sing and that’s between them and God. But, is the majority of your congregation singing?

2. Is the congregation worshiping God with you? 

The Biblical actions of worship are singing, playing instruments, lifting hands, clapping, shouting, dancing, bowing down and standing. Is your congregation worshipping God in these ways in your corporate worship times?

3. Is the congregation growing in their worship of God?

Is your congregation growing? Are there more people here this year than last? Are more people participating in corporate worship this year than last?  Do you get reports that the congregation senses God in the midst of your corporate worship time? 

Note: Some areas of growth are beyond a worship leader’s responsibility. The general growth and maturity of a congregation is a whole team effort.

4. Is the worship band prepared?

Are you having good rehearsals? Is the attendance at those rehearsals strong? Does the band know the music so well that they can get beyond the music and worship on Sunday mornings?

5. Is the worship band growing and improving?

Is your worship band stuck in a rut? Are you adding new members? Are you growing spiritually and musically? Is your worship team growing spiritually and musically?

6. Is the worship band worshiping?

Is the band just playing music or are they worshiping as they play? When the congregation looks at the band and singers are they inspired to worship God? Are you and your team modelling what you want to see in the congregation?

7. Are you training up new worship leaders?

Jesus told us to make disciples. If your area of ministry is worship then you need to work on growing new worship leaders. Are new worship leaders growing up in your ministry?

8. Is the pastoral staff worshiping with you?

Having a good relationship with the pastoral staff is integral to your long-term success. Does the staff trust you on stage? Are they setting a good example in their worship of God?

9. Are you spending regular time with God in Bible reading and prayer?

Public leading is only the tip of the iceberg. Your personal relationship with God is the most important part of your worship. How is your prayer and Bible reading doing?

10. Do you worship God in private or just on stage?

A danger sign for worship leaders is if their worship is just public. God is more impressed with what you do in the ‘Secret Place’. How is your daily worship of God? Are you singing and worshiping in private?

Question: Are these valid ways to quantify worship leadership? Am I missing any key questions?

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