My Wild Dream

(Photo: Unsplash)

When I was 19 years old, I had just finished doing a 10 month tour of Southeast Asia and United States with the Christian band, Living Sound II. So I began to pray about what God wanted me to do next.


Early one Tuesday morning, I had a dream. Normally, I never remember my dreams. But, in this dream God was talking to me and was telling me that I was supposed to join Living Sound I which had just left for Poland. I argued with God in my dream. I told Him that I had no money but God gave me the names of three people to phone. He said they would give me the money.

When I awoke from my dream I talked to the head music director of Living Sound, Larry Dalton. I told him my dream and asked what he thought. He said to phone those three people, and if the money came in ($1200 – which seemed like a huge amount at the time) then it must be God. I phoned those three people that morning and by noon that day, all the funds came in.

So, I booked a flight to Chicago to get my Polish visa and flew out on Thursday. The Polish taxi driver was so thrilled to hear my story that he gave me a free ride to the Polish embassy.

On Friday of that same week, I flew into Warsaw, Poland with a photographer,  Scoti Domiej, and joined Terry Law, Don Moen and Living Sound I. They had no idea I was coming because it was before the time of email and cell phones.

For the next three and a half weeks, we played in huge Catholic Cathedrals all over Poland. The cathedrals were packed with thousands wherever we played. One night in particular I remember 5,000 people packed (standing shoulder to shoulder) so tightly that the whole crowd swayed as one.

At every concert, our speaker, Terry, would give an invitation to people to receive Jesus as their Saviour. In those three and half weeks, over 18,000 people indicated that they wanted to believe in Jesus to forgive their sins and start a relationship with God! Wow! What an amazing time of ministry. What an incredible breakthrough behind the Iron Curtain!

As a byproduct of those concerts, we had lunch with Cardinal Wojtyla who later became Pope John Paul II. The team was later invited to sing at the Vatican.. but that’s another story!

Question: How has God talked to you? Have you ever had a dream from God?

Here is a follow-up story from Scot Law, Terry’s Law’s son, of the impact of those times in Poland..

Terry Law Story 

It’s the Fall of 2005, and Dad and I are grabbing a quick lunch at Goldie’s when his phone rings. Dad didn’t recognize the number but answered anyways and, a moment later, his face lit up with joy. He motioned to the door with his left thumb and headed outside to talk more freely with this mystery caller.

I continued to savor my Goldie’s special with cheese and gravy for my fries (nod to Dad – it’s a Canadian thing), and Dad soon walked back to the table with his eyes wide. His face begged the obvious – what was that call about? “Thanks for abandoning me,” I joked.

The caller, who shall remain nameless, was a close personal confidant of the late Pope John Paul II, who had passed away earlier in the year. The caller, who Dad had known for many years, was thinking of Dad and wanted to catch up, as they hadn’t spoken for some time. They both talked fondly of the late Holy Father and all that he meant to the both of them.

When the subject of the fall of communism came up, Dad said, “You know, I, along with the rest of the world gives credit to John Paul II for bringing the Berlin Wall down.” The caller said, “This is part of the reason why I wanted to call you. During one of the last conversations I had with the Holy Father, I mentioned the same thing to him (the Pope being responsible for the wall coming down). The Pope interrupted me and said, ‘No, Terry Law and Living Sound were responsible for bringing down the Berlin Wall down.’”…. Wow!

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