How to Dramatically Improve Your Career?

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It’s always a good idea to review the big and important aspects of our lives. For instance, your relationships, where you’re living, your lifestyle, things like that. These things have such a big impact on the overall quality and happiness of our existences, that they’re not things that we should leave to chance. Your career also falls into this category. If you’re going to spend 40+ hours doing something, then you may as well enjoy it. But of course, getting yourself to the stage can seem difficult. In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the most effective methods for improving your career, in a significant way!

Change Your Mindset

How you approach your career will influence the outcome. If you’re seeing it as something that you have to do, rather than something that you get to do, then you’ll likely put too big of a wall between yourself and progress. Your mind can change your whole world if you’re willing to change. Your mind may also tell you that you’re not good enough for success or promotion and so on. Ignore those voices — they’re not true, and they’re not helping you.

Make Yourself Eligible For Promotion

Everyone wants to feel like they’re in line for a promotion. But not too many people are. And if you’re just waiting for someone to notice that you’re delivering good work, then you’re probably not in line for promotion. If you want to step into a more senior role, then you’ll need to ensure that your superiors have no other choice other than to promote you. There are many ways to do this. One is to boost your skills and obtain another qualification. A nurse that studies for an online masters degree in nursing will be much more likely to reach their professional goals compared with a nurse who didn’t study for the same qualification. As well as studying, you can also actively put yourself in contention for promotion by letting your bosses know of your wishes. 

Take a Chance

If you want to get somewhere you’ve never been before, then you may need to do something that you’ve never done before. It can be scary to step out of your comfort zone and take a chance, but it’s something that will usually reward you, provided that you’ve thought the process through. This could involve leaving the security of a job to take a job at a startup or moving to another state, where there are more — and better — job opportunities. You only get one life in this world. Take that chance

Open to Help 

Finally, make sure that you’re open to receiving help from other people. You can’t do everything all on your own. At some point, you may need to call upon the experience and wisdom of other people, who may even open doors for you. Some people turn down these chances, preferring to do things themselves, but that’s not always the best approach. They won’t come along every day! 



Used with permission from Saundra Dalton-Smith.

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