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Yesterday, Mrs. and Munchkin were with me at a local restaurant. A country song came on overhead, and I was immediately transported to my first honeymoon.

Poignant was the memory. Kind of sad but also happy in the sense that it was a joyous time when the memory was made.

I am SO grateful for Mrs. DM and Munckin! Yet I also still occasionally feel the loss of my previous “life.”

To this day, I think the happy memories from my first marriage are the hardest.

When I heard that song, it was like I was back in the car driving my (now ex) wife to our bed and breakfast. The CD in the CD player blaring this song and my heart with filled with joy. It makes the ending all that more tragic and painfully sad to remember this.

Yet, I am not ashamed to feel what I feel.

This just means it mattered to me. That season is over in my life, and I am in a new, fruitful season. Yet the scar on my soul does occasionally ache and remind me of where I have been.

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