The Next Big Thing in Online Bible Studies

Rodney Harrier

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The Next Big thing in online Bible studies is Chronological Bible studies. Are you having trouble understanding different Scripture passages and how they relate to each other? You are not alone!

Why Chronological Bible Studies are becoming the Next Big Thing

Chronological Bible studies explain how the Bible books, people, and events occur in proper sequence.

What? Do you mean the Bible isn’t all chronological?

Well, about half of it is. The other is a collection of songs, proverbs, and other wisdom literature, prophecies, biographies, and letters. The original recipients were Jewish and knew their own history. We don’t. Sure, you can plow through commentaries to find out how these things all fit in the proper sequence, but why? Putting things in chronological order is eye-opening.

Did you ever read one of the minor prophets and wonder what in the world this person is getting all excited about? Put them next to the history and bam–you get it! And, you will understand the heart of God more than you ever have. Chronological Bible studies help you put these things together, show you the meaning, and most importantly how it applies to you.

The Next Big Thing in Chronological Bible Studies is Chronological Bible

Read the Bible in one year, free and online. These Bible studies are great for discipleship, personal use, and small groups. Follow along as I, Rodney Harrier, a passionate Bible teacher, lead you on an unforgettable journey.

  • Be awestruck as you read about the creation of the world and God’s redemptive plan.
  • Learn how the Psalms fit into the life of David and the history of Israel.
  • See how the prophets influenced the kings and people of Israel and Judah.
  • Witness the life of Christ as all four gospels are woven together into one unforgettable story.
  • Travel along with the Apostle Paul as the early church struggles and expands across the world.
  • Draw encouragement from the writings of the early apostles as they were persecuted, and learn how we can win in the end!
  • As you read the Bible, using our one-year daily chronological Bible studies, you will see how the events, people, and writings of the Bible all fit together in chronological sequence and how they apply to your life. What you learn can change your life forever. Join us!

Chronological Bible Studies can help you read the Bible in one-year and understand it.

Red Floor Explorer Car

Have you tried and tried to complete the reading of the Bible but always quit? It’s like a car. You’re all revved up ready to go in Genesis, cruising along, and then you hit a speed bump in the middle of Exodus. Okay, you think, let’s keep going…and then you hit the curb of Leviticus, lose power and quit. You just can’t make heads or tails of all the sacrifices, rules, and feasts. You think, Do we even need to read this stuff?

All the Bible is profitable (2 Timothy 3:16), but some are more than others. Some parts of the Bible may not be directly for you but you can certainly profit from them, and these chronological Bible studies will help you. Why not sign up today, and maybe for the first time, read through all of God’s Word and understand it. It’s life-changing.

These Chronological Bible Studies allow you the opportunity to Interact

Bible studies shouldn’t just be interesting historical information. The Spiritual life is something you and God share, so why not make the Bible studies personal? That’s why these Bible studies rarely make a point without challenging you to apply a principle or directive to your life. At the end, you will have a chance to respond to some discussion questions or (and this makes it real personal with me) write your own prayer response to each day’s Bible lesson. You can even email me with your comments and we can talk more about it, or I will pray for your needs. You are important.

Here are some more reasons these Chronological Bible Studies are the Next Big Thing

Instead of creating another long post, read 15 reasons to love these unique chronological Bible studies. You’ll be convinced that these are just what you need. Another great resource is a podcast by Yvon Prehn, a long-time historian and Bible teacher. Listen, and after that, I’m sure you’ll be excited to read the Bible chronologically and discover why it’s the next big thing.

Would you do me just one favor? If you like this post, share it, so it can become the next big thing in someone else’s life, too. Thank you. God’s blessing on your spiritual journey. Rod Harrier

Used with permission from Rodney Harrier.

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