Anchored in the Storms of Life

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Throughout the summer we receive them often; so often in fact, I pay little attention to the emergency broadcast system alerts. Living in open farm country, tornados pose a frequent threat in unstable summer storm patterns. Though at times indifferent, we secure fragile outside items and plants, grateful for the warning. At times, when life offers no warning for impending trials, staying anchored in the storms of life feels an impossible task.

Though never experiencing a tornado, many years ago, the worst tropical storm to hit our area rolled through one September, leaving us with no electricity or water for five days. Many downed trees, utility poles and debris blocked roads for weeks, making travel relatively impossible.

Though many storm warnings and survival instructions clogged the air waves, I still remember boarding up attic windows with my son in disbelief.

Few people had adequate food supplies, certainly no containered water, and generators were not something people had at the ready. We lost most of our food in refrigerator and freezer.

Even these many years later, those who experienced the storm in this area still comment on their disbelief. Erroneously rooted in thoughts of security, folks ignored the warnings since no such storm had previously occured.

Often, the storms of life blindside us in a similar way; ill prepared for the destructive results of unexpected trials, we become storm-tossed and battered.

storms of life

boat tossed in the waves

In the same way meterological storms vary in type from a quick downpour or soaking thunderstorm to a damaging hailstorm or hurricane, so the storms of life vary. We encounter everything from schedule disruptions, car trouble, and quarreling children, to chronic health issues, divorce, and even death.

Sadly, we seldom feel prepared for the smallest downpours, much less the sweeping destruction of more intense storms. At times it seems the steady, long soaking rains of trials threaten to drown us as we struggle to secure our footing.

So, how do we remain anchored in the storms of life?

We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain,

Hebrews 6:19

our anchor holds

In chapter six of Hebrews, the writer gently leads us to our secure hope provided by God the Father: Jesus Christ, the anchor of our soul. Our salvation comes from this hope (Romans 8:24-25), and through our sustained hope in Christ, we have a strong anchor able to weather every storm of life we encounter.

lightning over stormy sea

Many Christians view storms as discipline, or the result of stepping outside God’s will for their lives. While storms certainly result from sinful choices and actions, many storms for the Christian happen right in the center of God’s will.

In Mark 6, the disciples experienced a storm so severe, it drove even those seasoned fisherman, who saw many storms, to Jesus in fear. Yet, they were in complete obedience to Christ’s instruction and travelling with Him!

live anchored

Though unreliable, due to the unpredictability and swiftness of developing tornados, storm warning systems enhance preparedness and preserve life. In the Christian life, often our only storm warning is (John 16:33).

Jesus promised us trouble in this life, (John 16:33), but He also reminded us, in Him we would have peace, for He overcame the world.

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The best way of remaining anchored in the storms of life is living anchored. Living anchored ensures your focus on God’s promises, not the problems.

Join me today as I visit with Melanie Redd over at Women Living Courageously podcast for practical advice for not only preparing for the storms of life, but finding peace as we hold tight to the Anchor of souls, Jesus Christ.

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