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Nehemiah Zion

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A youth who recently started coming to church shared her testimony.

“I began to have these rashes all over my face. I did not have a clue how I got these rashes. As the word of God directs us, I reached out to my Pastor, who prayed for me. I put my trust in Jesus for my healing.

When I started to pray for myself the next day, I had a vision of the heavens opening and a staircase coming down. I saw Jesus come down with an ointment, and He applied it to my face. After applying the ointment, He promised healing in seven days.

Every day till the seventh day, I woke up early in the morning to praise God. Every single day Jesus came to me in a vision to apply the ointment. On the seventh day, I received healing from all the rashes in my entire body.

I recently got saved and have been enjoying the presence of God daily. Never in my life did I expect to receive healing along with such a vivid vision. I am overwhelmed by God’s amazing love for me.”

Seek Jesus with all your heart to walk intimately with Him

What encouraged me most about listening to this testimony was that the youth of the church were complaining about God missing in the church. This testimony shut their excuses up. The girl’s hunger and thirst to know Jesus enabled her to experience Christ intimately. The youth realised that God was not missing, but they missed out on God while in church.

How to be the salt of the earth?
How to be the light of the world?

Focus on your life in Christ.
Testify about God’s goodness in your life.

Humble yourself and sincerely seek His face. He will build you up in His good pleasure so you can be a blessing for all in time.

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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