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Some children refuse to learn. They take longer than others to get into a relationship with Jesus.

A youth, 14, along with his family, began coming to church. The boy, typical of new families, became involved in helping the church. After a year or two, he stopped coming to church. Why? The pastor he loved much got transferred. Weeks later, he felt provoked by a minister who scolded him for some mistake he had committed. The youth never returned for ten years.

Ten years later, he returns. Now 24, he is found praying fervently and humbling himself. God begins to speak to him through visions and dreams. Often he was teary-eyed because of all the supernatural encounters with God.

A brother watching over him told him you are heading for another fall, be careful. Why did the brother say so? The young man was now proud that God had forgiven him and was speaking to him through visions and dreams, even after ten years of missing church. He began to have an air about himself. He kept himself aloof like he was too special to interact with the lower class. Yet again, the young man backslid after another minister scolded him for something. He misses church and does not respond to calls anymore.

Walk humbly before God to learn to stay faithful.

We can have great supernatural encounters. But if we do not walk in reverence to God, we fool ourselves.

Often children are attracted to the power associated with pastors and ministers. In the long run, mostly, it ends in disaster. Some children grow up full of resentment. Pushing them to leave the church as internal conflicts grow.

There is always some drama in church. There is a point to it. It’s a God-given safe place to hone your character in Christ. Never let your gifts or talents become a burden. Humble yourself so that everything good God has given finds its way in and through you to be a blessing.

We can do nothing of our own. Without God’s love, we are nothing. Without Jesus, we can do nothing. Take care of yourself in godly discipline so that God’s love guides you in every step of life. Maranatha, Praise God, and Amen.

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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