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Nehemiah Zion

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What is faith?

Faith is falling at the feet of Jesus, praising and thanking Him. You can feel good by calling yourself a Christian and attending church regularly. But you will become faithless and hopeless if you do not actively pursue God in true humility.

Of the ten lepers, only one returned, falling at the feet of Jesus, praising and thanking Him. Jesus tells him that his faith made him whole. The Samaritan, a non-believer, considered Jesus, unlike the nine religious Jewish (believer) lepers who walked away soon as they got healed.

The others left the moment they received healing in their body. Only the Samaritan leper got healed physically and spiritually. The others only desired physical healing and getting back to their selfish lifestyles. 

Many believers only want God to do things for them. But, they have no spiritual interest. Carnal-minded believers seek healing and attend church meetings but do not care about labouring for God in prayer and thanksgiving. They only want material and physical blessings for themselves.

Faith in Christ produces Godly character.

The Samaritan’s faith led him to give thanks to Jesus. As soon as he received healing, he evidenced thanks produced by Godly faith. His faith was wholesome because it revealed the character of Christ. Unlike the others who did not care about acknowledging Christ. The Samaritan displayed humility, a sign that he was truly free.

Has your faith in Christ set you free?

Many believe in God initially but end up back in spiritual bondage. Their hearts harden, and they find themselves grappling with old natures. Faith in Christ keeps you thankful, humble and free to receive God’s exceeding, abundant grace.

Dear young believer, awake to Jesus! He is the author and finisher of your faith. He loves you. The good work He began in you, He will finish. 

Get ready! Jesus is coming soon for His elect. Praise God, and Amen.

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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