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On social media, fans follow their idols or experts across fields. Many follow or subscribe to various news platforms or newsletters. 

Some follow for entertainment, some for work, and many follow for spiritual or inspirational content.

Weak believers are generally discouraged from using social media because it causes serious mental and emotional damage. Often, stronger believers too, find their faith waning because of consuming false narratives that sound so convincing.

There are good uses of social media, but how many are using social media with a purpose? Many start well and engage passionately till they feel burdened mentally and emotionally. 

Why do they get mentally and emotionally burdened? Social Media triggers the spirit of man that hosts the mental and emotional self. Social Media is engineered to guide our thinking and put us on a particular path.

Who must believers follow daily?

Jesus says, follow me.

Paul, the apostle, said, follow me because he was following Jesus.

Every believer needs to follow Jesus. When we lose focus on how Jesus lived out the truth, we go astray into the sinful lifestyle again. The only way to be human is through Jesus Christ. He is the only truth, the way and the life.

The social conditioning we’ve received growing up offline and now online is a tough battle to overcome. Growing up in the education system of this world, we get trained to think only for our flesh and not spirit. What can you expect from non-believers, anyways? It’s obvious because they are in darkness, and their guidance is rooted and grounded in ambiguity and false science.

Believers alone can shine the light of Jesus by following Him. Pray that more souls are saved in science and technology to help bridge the gap.

May God fill us with the fullness of love, peace, joy and hope till His soon coming. Maranatha, Praise God, and Amen.

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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