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Is Jesus visible to you? Or is He an invisible friend who gets easily ignored?

What does it take for Jesus to be a visible friend? Faith in God’s word.

Thomas, the disciple, could not believe Jesus was standing before him. He had to touch and feel to believe. Despite walking with Jesus and being shepherded by Him, he failed to recognise the one he loved.

The Jews knew the word of God by heart but failed to recognise the living word of God before them. They loved their (supposed) knowledge of God more than they loved God.

What does Jesus say about faith, or believing in Him as Lord? 

Blessed are they that believe without seeing. (John 20:29)

Why is it that after accepting Jesus as your personal Saviour, you forget He is there before you?

Here are a few common reasons we see in the Bible and around us.

  1. You are doing your own will.
  2. You love the things of the world more.
  3. Still struggling with habitual sins.
  4. Your heart has become hardened because of internal politics.
  5. You give up too soon.
  6. You got disillusioned by those you revered as good examples.
  7. Still guided by Satan, telling lies, gossiping, double talk, etc.

Faith that comes from love is necessary. Do you love God for who He is? Or what He does for you? Or do you follow God because there is no other option? Love God with all your heart, mind, and strength. Faith that is of love helps overcome doubt and worries to move forward.

Paul confessed the hardship with all the tribulations, distress and persecution, but he believed that nothing could separate him from God’s love.

We are at the end. Hold on. Prepare to meet the love of your life. Jesus is coming soon. Praise God, and Amen.

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