Are Churches emptying across the world? - Raising Zion

Europe, US, are witnessing massive withdrawals. Teens and Youth don’t feel like going to church anymore. They think church is just a ritual, a religious endeavour that isn’t in with the times. When parents and elders fail to be examples much damage is done to children and youth. It’s not always the parents, they make their own choices too, despite knowing the truth.

Jesus did not come to set up churches made with human hands. He came to build hearts and minds completely invested in Him for eternity.

God created us such that we abide in Him so He can abide in us. We have a temporary body now, for us to know His love for us. God moved from dwelling in temples, to our hearts. Yet, people today are still living religiously to soothe their minds. Still offering fleshly sacrifices that do not please God, to make up for their wrong deeds.

The word of God is culturally relevant even today. How? The Word of God is eternal, unchanging. Many ministers are carried away by the pressure to preach a culturally relevant gospel and end up compromising the culture of the Word. If you use your mind without receiving the Holy Spirits leading, you will remain intellectual rather than speak the power of God unto salvation.

What is a church for? In simple terms, it is for fellowship, and giving freely what we have received to one another. Spiritually (mentally/emotionally), and materially as God leads. It’s the presence of God, where two or more gather in His name, God is there. Where minds and hearts are nourished by the Word of God, and not by fashions, trends, food and friendships. It is a place where the depressed, lonely, rejected, confused, etc. find answers to their unresolved feelings, realise worth and surrender their lives little by little to Jesus.

Today, even businesses scream, don’t aim for the money, aim for customer satisfaction by providing a great product. The money will come. Their belief seems to work. It is driving people into spiritual poverty. People love the way products are offered today through the power of story-telling. Godly principles are peddled as good values to attract people to materiality and worldly lifestyles.

Increasingly pastors or ministers of the Word are becoming ministers of the World. Pleasing people. Soothing words. Prosperity gospel. etc. They are easily troubled by dwindling numbers or little fires that eventually become big ones. When the word is compromised, a prayer life will not exist. When both the ministers and followers fail to keep an active prayer-life, the church begins to lose its members. An active prayer-life requires love! The early church prayed steadfastly every evening. Read Acts 2:42-46.

Does that mean churches that are full are blessed? No. If you aren’t preaching the gospel – Birth, Life, Suffering, Death, Burial, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus, you are a ticking time-bomb waiting to self-destruct.

Millions are accepting Jesus today as their Lord and Saviour. Census does not have the actual count in developing nations because paperwork is a mess. Persecution has only increased all over the world. What the devil and his cohorts do not understand is that the more you kill Christians, the more the land will spring forth believers. Who are these emptying churches mostly? Those who were born into the faith. Nominal Christians who’ve known God only superficially. Never made an effort to truly seek the truth. Those who’ve lived with pride as “Christians” not really knowing the worth and suffering involved.

God was, is, and will always do His business of saving all who sincerely seek the truth.

Train the children in the truth. When they are out, on their own, they will know the difference. They will come back as we diligently pray. Be ready to receive them in love.

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