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“I believe that one of the next great moves of God is going to be through the believers in the workplace.” ~ Billy Graham

You’ve heard the above quote, but have you really absorbed it? Have you really thought prayerfully about what it has to do with you? If you lead just one other person in the workplace….this is for you…

There is only one person, in all the United States, who has greater spiritual reach and influence on millions of non-believing Americans, than your local church pastor.  And that person, my friend, might be YOU. 

The business CEO (or leader of the company) has 30 HOURS a week of influence with their employees, vs. 30 MINUTES a week from a church pastor.  (See the amazing numbers on the attached graphic from our colleagues at the Monmouth Society)  iWork4Him interview with Chris Conant – Founder of Monmouth Society

That translates into you all (459,000 Christian CEOs + all the management leaders too) having TWO BILLION TWO-HUNDRED NINETY MILLION hours of WEEKLY influence vs. three million, five hundred thousand for a pastor.

Business leaders, you have the awesome responsibility of reaching the eternal souls and changing the eternal futures of 98,000,000 workers. NINETY-EIGHT MILLION souls. What other church leader has such a big flock?  Who else but you, has God entrusted such an enormous responsibility?

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You and your workplace will never be the same.

By Caroline Mendez