Crossmap Podcast: Author, Adventurer Joel Malm on What God is Doing When Life Doesn't Make Sense

Author Joel Malm

Sometimes life is just a struggle. Nothing makes sense and when it does you are usually trying to figure out why things happen the way they do. At some point, you most likely will ask the question, “Where is God in all of this?”

In the midst of transition or perhaps even a loss, it can feel impossible to imagine how God is working all things together for good like that Scripture verse in Romans tells us.

Author Joel Malm has experienced challenging seasons throughout his life and he too has struggled with understanding why things happen the way they do.

“I had a season of life where we felt like we were following the Lord,” said Malm on a recent episode of The Crossmap Podcast.  “We moved to Mexico and it just became this disastrous experience. I mean, everything that could go wrong went wrong. We got our house broken into, I ticked off the gang leader and he was threatening our life. We walked away from that experience wondering how could things have possibly gone worse.” 

In his new book, “Connecting the Dots: What God is Doing When Life Doesn’t Make Sense”, Malm teaches readers how to recognize the circular pattern of God’s work in their lives and how to embrace each unknown that confronts you. His hope is to help us realize that each unknown in our lives is really a crucial part of our redemption story.

Malm speaks from experience. As the President of Summit Leaders, he has traveled to 70 different countries. And living in some of the world’s most dangerous places has taught him to embrace the unexpected and navigate the tumultuous times that just don’t seem to make sense.

“I’m convinced that the more you trust that God really is working all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his purpose, you’re going to at some point be able to look back and go, that was why that happened,” Malm shares. “But I’ll be honest. Some of those things we’re not going to understand until we get to the other side of the space time continuum and stand before the Lord.”

Malm joins us on the Crossmap Podcast to talk about the new book, the circular nature of time, and what that means to individuals. Listen as Joel shares why God sometimes places us in uncomfortable situations and how you take your wounds and shape them into your message.

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