Did your cheater try to enlist others against you? - Divorce Minister

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One of the nastier aspects of dealing with a cheater is how they decimate (or attempt to decimate) your own support system. They may have even started this process of turning people against you well before you had a clue about the cheating.

Some cheaters might even attempt to turn the faithful spouse’s own family members against them!

This is what sick people do.

They will go to all sorts of lengths to avoid taking responsibility for their own sins. If people are busy looking at the faithful spouse’s “faults,” then they are less likely to see the cheater’s sins.

Also, this behavior illustrates how premeditated and sinful cheaters are!

It takes planning.

Such “air wars” do not happen over night. The cheater may have planned conversations with people to turn them against the faithful spouse. They may have even tested various (untrue) narratives sullying the faithful spouse’s character to see how effective they are.

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