Empty Yourself to Fill in the Spirit of God - Raising Zion

fill in the Spirit of God. fireworks photography

Drink because God needs you to drink up. Get intoxicated and find yourself in your drunkenness. No experience matches the freedom we get by consuming the new wine of the Holy Spirit. 

Why do people drink alcohol or fermented wine? So they can lose themselves in a fake world. Live with an intent to escape from reality. Sadly, it ends up destroying them and their dear ones. The mind refuses to work. The heart is in utter despair, and the body fails due to drinking habitually. The effects on the body push the mind further into a mental hell hole.

Why surrender ourselves daily to fill in the Spirit of God? 

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of;

  1. Freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17)
  2. Truth (John 16:13)
  3. Love (Romans 5:5)

A stress-free life is possible only by the power of the Holy Spirit. No matter what we go through on this earth, when we humble ourselves in the presence of God, we experience freedom and joy. The true meaning of rejoicing and gladness every day is achievable only through the Holy Spirit.

In a world filled with fake news and lies, the Spirit of truth will guide us into all truth. As a teacher and guide, the Holy Spirit helps us stay in the will of God.

In a world full of unforgiveness, hate and depression, the Spirit of God fills us with His amazing love. God created and sent us into the world to exercise His love He pours into our hearts. Do not love from a distance or avoid people by staying remote. God did not love us from a distance. He came down to my level and lifted me to His high standard.

All those led by the Spirit of God remain free from mental and emotional pressure. There is no other experience that brings us together as believers. Also, we experience unity in our spirit, soul and body. Call out to Jesus for a new and fresh anointing. Our time to fly is here. Maranatha, Praise God, and Amen.