God of covenants

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God of covenants

 By Babatope Babalobi  babalobi@yahoo.com +234 80 35 897435

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Genesis 9 vs 9

And I, behold, I establish my covenant with you, and with your seed after you;

Understanding God's Covenants With Man – Part 1, What Is A Covenant? -  Buffalo Wy. Church Of Christ

  1. God is a God of the covenant.
  2. A covenant is an agreement.
  3. A covenant is a contractual relationship.
  4. A covenant is understanding.
  5. May God enter a covenant with you in Jesus’ name.
  6. The covenant of long life that God establishes with people receive it in Jesus’ name.
  7. Receive the covenant of divine protection, divine provision, guidance, fruitfulness, and long life in Jesus’ name.
  8. You may not enjoy the covenant of God unless you walk in righteousness with him.
  9. Every covenant of premature death in your family is broken in Jesus’ name.
  10. Enter into your divine covenant in Jesus’ name. Amen.