How to Be Significant - Lisa E Betz

As a kid I was a big fan of a magazine column entitled “Kids Did It.” The column featured kids and teens who had accomplished something noteworthy. I admired them and their deeds, but I don’t remember dreaming that I would someday join their ranks. Those amazing feats were for other kids—the ones destined for fame and fortune. I was just an average kid, not someone born to make a significant impact or accomplish impressive things.

Do you feel significant?

I still fall into the trap of feeling insignificant. I compare myself to others who are more successful authors with bestselling books, more successful speakers who get invited to national conventions, or more successful ministry leaders who operate on multiple continents.

What happens when I compare myself like this?

I come up short. Which leads to feelings of inferiority, self-doubt, frustration, jealousy, and eventually a stomach-twisting, bitter fear that I’ve wasted my life accomplishing nothing of worth.

Do you struggle with similar thoughts and emotions?

Have you sometimes felt like your life doesn’t matter all that much? Do you wonder if you’ve missed your chance to accomplish important things in this world? Have you allowed the word ‘just’ to creep into your identity? For example, do you hear yourself say things like:  “I’m just a stay-at-home mom” or “I’m just not driven like they are.” Or “I’m just not very important.”?

If you can relate to these struggles, I have good news for you!

Your life matters to the purposes and plans of God. If He had not required your presence at this grand celebration known as “life,” He would not have taken the time to create you. But here you are—in all of your beauty and value— to make a mark for His kingdom. Please don’t lose sight of that astonishing fact!

Carol McLeod

You and I are significant because our lives have a greater purpose

As the quote above says so eloquently, you and I are alive right now because God has plans for us. Your life has purpose because God created you to accomplish a lifetime of good works.

Here are some truths that will help you take your purpose and significance to heart.

  • You may never start a non-profit, reach senior management, or get into the Guinness Book of World Records, but there are people in this world who need something you are uniquely qualified to provide.
  • There are people around you who need what you can bring to the world: a creation, service, or way of doing things that comes from your unique combination of abilities, life experience, and personality.
  • God has given you specific personality traits, giftings, interests, and life experiences to enable you to accomplish the work he calls you to do.
  • You are enough—in God’s strength, provision, and guidance—to accomplish the specific work that he created you to accomplish. (Even when it seems way beyond you.)
  • Your opinions, passions, and dreams are valid and worthy of attention.
  • You find fulfillment and greater joy when you serve others.

Next steps


Here’s a brief prayer for you to help you believe your life is significant.

Thank you, Lord God, that before I was born, you had a purpose for my life. Thank you that you choose to work through imperfect people like me to accomplish your good works. I can rely on your wisdom, strength, and provision as I do whatever I find on my plate this day. Help me live with confidence that my life matters to you, and you enable me to do significant work for your kingdom, whether it feels important to me or not.


Make a difference today by telling as many people as possible that you appreciate them.

  • Remind your loved ones you love them.
  • Find reasons to thank others for their words or service.
  • Pay people sincere compliments for simple things.
  • Speak kind words to those you run across.

You may never know how important your simple, positive words were to someone’s life today.

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

Desmond Tutu