How To Build a Happy Home in the Early Stage of Marriage

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They say that a happy home begins with a happy marriage. 

I remember my husband told me that what we practice in the early stage of our marriage is what we would be used to in the next ten years of being together. If we started shouting at each other whenever we got mad, then in the following years to come, we would get used to that.

Eventually, we would end up not respecting each other. If our son grew up in a house filled with shouting and irritation, he would not call it a happy home.

Parents shape our children’s character by establishing a happy home. It would be easier to do that if you practice during the early marriage stage.

Though it may not be easy to maintain a healthy home, building a solid foundation at the beginning of your marriage will help you stay firm no matter how difficult.

Crucial stage of marriage

The early stage of marriage is between zero to five years. They regarded it as the Newly Married stage. Most divorces happen during this early stage. It has the highest cases of divorce coming in the third year.

This early stage of building a new family could be exhilarating because this is where they would experience their “first time together.” It demands some radical personal adjustment which could be stressful on the relationship.

So whatever we choose to do in our marriage during the early stage of the relationship would have a significant impact not just in the relationship but on the whole family that builds your home.

Having a happy home begins with the proper foundation during the first stage of marriage.

Build a happy home in the early stage of marriage

Build a happy home in the early stage of marriage and make it last for years.

Have the right foundation

Couple praying together. (Photo taken by Deffo Manizo from Pexels website)

You are wrong if you think you can establish a strong foundation for your marriage to build a happy home by having an intimate discussion with your spouse.

Doing it alone with your spouse is never enough. The foundation we need for our marriage to work and creates a healthy home is Jesus Christ.

Psalms 127:1 says the builders’ labor is in vain unless the Lord builds the house.

The good thing about having God as the foundation of your marriage is that you will never be alone in facing all trials and struggles. If you surrender your relationship with your spouse to God, you will see Him work in your household.

Nothing is better than coming into a house filled with God’s love and grace, regardless of the adjustments and difficulties.

When your foundation is Jesus Christ, His Spirit fills your heart and comes to your home. You will be patient, kind, joyful, loyal, faithful, and calm because all these are the fruit of the Spirit.

Though this could be challenging because of many factors involved, like dealing with in-laws’ money issues, and all with a solid Christian foundation, your marriage is protected.

Value communication

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Having the time to talk with each other is crucial. You should spend time with your spouse discussing anything despite your busy schedule. 

While this could be challenging for newly married couples who had their first child during the early stage of their relationship. 

We had our son during our second year, and the struggle was challenging. I became so focused on our son that I forgot to prioritize connecting with my husband.

This situation is prevalent once we become parents. It would turn your world upside down, and you will wake up having new priorities. Sometimes, marriage would be at the bottom of your list. 

If you do not spend time communicating with your spouse, then you are setting your marriage for brokenness. 

Despite having kids, and work, you should always spend time talking with each other. You can practice this by eating together for dinner. If your kids are exposed to open communication, they will also communicate well with you as parents when they grow up.

Children who talk with their parents are more willing to discuss their struggles. They are more confident in expressing their thoughts.

Do activities together

A family praying together before eating. (Photo taken by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels website)

My husband and I practice praying together before eating, and our two-year-old son suddenly knows how to pray. He knows how to close his eyes and hold his hands. He knows the word “Lord,” “Amen,” and “Thank you.”

Parents are the role model of our children, so whatever we show them, they will adapt and follow them as they grow up. 

Doing activities together daily will empower the bonds between family members. You can also have a day for the family and go to the park, eat out in a restaurant, or have a road trip together. 

Enjoying your time with your children and having alone time could develop the quality of communication and emotional connection between you and your spouse and you and your children.

Have a work-life balance

A mother works from home while her children are playing. (Photo taken by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels website)

While we want to provide a pleasant and convenient house for our family, that is why we work hard. 

Remember to balance your time. You might end up coming home where your child does not know you anymore, or you do not see what is happening with them because you are so busy making a living.

Balancing your family and work time is difficult, but it is significant in building a happy home. Whenever you are with your family, forget about your work and focus on your family. Stop checking your messages and start talking with them.

Doing this behavior could make your child and spouse feel valued. If they always see you working in front of them, they may think your work is more important than theirs.

Be a role model

Parents look at each other lovingly while the mother carries their child. (Photo taken by Luis Zambrano from Pexels website)

Whatever your kids see will be recorded in their memories and become a part of their learning process. If you want to teach them a loving character, it starts with how you treat each other as a married couple. 

There is no better way to have a happy home than to show it in your interactions with your spouse. A husband must show respect to his wife so their children know how to honor their mother.

The same is true with the wife; she should submit to her husband as the head of the family, so their kids would obey their father.

Proverbs 22:6 says parents should train their child in a way he should go so when they grow up, and they will not depart from it when they grow up.

The best training starts from home.

Home learning becomes significant because it will be the foundation for the children when they socialize outside their homes.

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