How to get out of sinful nature? - Raising Generation Zion

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You are trying hard to get out of your sinful nature but cannot seem to get out of it. Right? Same story for all who try to clean their heart using their strength.

Every youth finds themselves in such a situation at some point. What do you need to remind yourself of during such a time? You are not alone in this journey of conquering your true natures. Also, you cannot do it with your strength.

Do you know that man does not want to acknowledge he is sinful? Only believers are aware of the sinful state of man. This revelation of our condition is the grace of God in our lives. Thanks to Jesus, the grace of God.

What did the believers do when Jesus came on a colt into Jerusalem?
They welcomed Him with great joy (Matthew 21).

What did Jesus do after He entered Jerusalem? He went straight to the heart of the city, into the temple. He cleaned it up and drove out all the money-minded people (Matthew 21:12). God’s house is a house of prayer and praise.

Invite Jesus into your heart to overcome sinful nature

When you are grappling with sins or confusion, invite Jesus into your heart. He will open you up to His word through the Holy Spirit. You will know how you strayed away from His path. Be aware that the word of God is truth and will reveal your exact state of the heart.

It’s not going to be exciting when you see your depravity. Yet, the corruption of sin in our lives opens our eyes to the love of God. Stay focused on getting to understand God’s love, no matter where you are in your spiritual walk. Knowing God’s love is where it gets super-exciting!

Be grateful as you humble yourself in His presence and move ahead by faith. You’ve got this! He’s got you. Get ready. He is coming for you. Maranatha, Praise God, and Amen.