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Off late, way too many actors and sportspersons have committed suicide or announced that they are depressed. Jelena Dokic, former tennis world No. 4, poured out about her going through depression on Instagram. Life on earth is tough for all. But the tough keep going. Yet, it’s not enough because human toughness remains limited. We are dust!

The rain came down on the house of sand made by the foolish man. What does the rain signify? Our thought life. We are daily overwhelmed with all kinds of thoughts. Sinful, foolish, wicked, worldly, carnal, fearful, worrisome, troubling, and evil thoughts often overwhelm us. There is enough negativity online.

Rain also means the hurtful words people throw at us to deride or discourage us. The internet is crawling with trolls who speak out their ugly hearts. Sometimes, near and dear ones hurt us with their words at home or in church. 

A disobedient believer cannot stand against the onslaught of such an attack against his mind and heart. He becomes burdened to the point that these thoughts and words turn into a flood of destruction. The grace of God protects and gives us the time to turn to God and correct our path.

Overcome the rain of wicked words with the wisdom in God’s word.

The wise man shields himself with the word of God by faith. He claims the promises of God and pours his life into prayer and praise to overcome these thoughts and words. He walks in forgiveness and love. 

David, praised by his people over Saul, later finds himself facing the same crowd against him. What did David do? He encouraged himself in the Lord. Today, as the temple of God, we have the Holy Spirit, in whom we rejoice and remain glad daily. 

Be wise and redeem the time. Stay focused on living out the word of God as you study. Maranatha, Praise God, and Amen.

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