Introducing: “FEEL GOOD” TUNES TUESDAY - The DV Walking Wounded:

***WARNING: Explicit Lyrics; Uncensored***

I am going to start posting old and new songs that embody emotions of victims and survivors. Feel free to listen, purchase those songs, and play them on repeat. I listen to these tracks when I feel triggered or emotionally low. Music is SO healing, at least for me. I know it is for many as well! <3

I will post “warnings,” if the features song has “explicit” lyrics. What are “explicit” lyrics, you might wonder? According to, explicit lyrics are explained, as follows: “An explicit track is one that has curse words or language or art that is generally deemed sexual, violent, or offensive in nature. If you mark one track as explicit on your album, the entire album will also be marked as explicit.” If you’re wondering why I would place “explicit” songs on here, it’s as simple as this: you don’t have to listen to it; however, when you’ve been through horrible abuse, and come out the other side as a survivor, you’ve gone through some pretty strong (and sometimes horrible) emotions. These songs just remind you of what you survived. Doesn’t mean you need to condone explicit stuff as a whole or hand your iPod or music device to your child. These are songs that hit a nerve for me, in a good way, and I wanted to share. Feel free to not like the weekly song I pick, but listen again the next week. That song you might resonate with. If there are “explicit” and “clean” versions, I promise to post both. I go on YouTube and get the “official” video/song track from the artist. I don’t like censorship, but then again, I respect not being bombarded with foul language in the media.

Our first week’s song is by Ashnikko, featuring Kelis, called “Deal With It.” This song is amazing because its telling her “ex” that he’s going to have to deal with being without her, because she can no longer stand him. I love the fact that if she feels lonely, she’s going to get herself a puppy. Bravo! I’m going to add this to my iTunes RIGHT AWAY!

Ashnikko co-wrote “Boss B*tch” with Doja Cat, featured on the Birds of Prey movie soundtrack. Her genre is considered alternative-pop with rap influence. If you noticed her “I don’t need a man” message in her songs, there is a reason for that. She has mentioned on more than one occasion that she was sexually assaulted by men at age 18. She is using that pain to fuel her music. I can respect that! Although, I am not a fan of some of her other songs, I wish her well. She’s VERY talented!

Again, I don’t listen to these songs where children are around…I am a good Mom/Nana and I have my headphones in. You’ll have to remember, I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee around gangster rap. I don’t like songs that are derogatory to women in any way, but strong language sometimes personifies an elicits strong emotion. We want songs that resonate with us as survivors! Because, realistically, we have survived some sh*t!

Disclaimer: If the artist that I feature have other “controversial” songs, I’m just featuring one song, because it resonates with me. This doesn’t mean that I condone their overall message or lifestyle. I’m enjoying the song, period.

Enjoy the song! Also, I welcome song suggestions! PLEASE send me songs that others might enjoy too!

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