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This is the final post in the Prayer Personality Series, and today’s post is all about the Socialite Prayer Personality. If you’re new here and wondering what in the world a prayer personality is, check out this post for a quick rundown that will get you up to speed on how to make your personality work for you instead of against you in prayer. And if you haven’t taken the Prayer Personality Quiz yet you can find that right here (and at the end of this post).

Let’s talk about the Socialite, shall we? We’ll begin by looking at some of the unique characteristics and traits of the Socialite.

You are a rare bird. A unique creature. A social animal. In a world of introverts you are an extrovert. Always the life of the party, and always ready for one! The phrase, “The more the merrier,” could have been written by you—or about you. You’re an includer with a magnetic and warm personality that draws people in. You have a natural gift for making people feel welcome and at ease in your presence.

Because you thrive on social interaction it can be easy to get so busy that your schedule crowds out time with God. You might also struggle to be still and quiet and to focus your mind as it races in a million different directions. Fortunately, I have some great tips that can help you not only lean into your unique gifts but also make spending time with God that much more satisfying and rewarding. Read on to find out more.

Your love for people and spending time with them can be both a gift and your downfall, as I pointed out in the previous paragraph. But your personality really can infuse rich dimension into your prayer life if you take intentional steps to make it happen. Here are two simple ways you can do just that:

  1. Create a Prayer Group. Getting together with friends regularly (either monthly, every other week or weekly) to pray for each other will keep you motivated and energized—and make prayer that much more exciting for you. Prayer + friends = a winning combination!

  2. Choose a Friend to Pray For & Text. Another creative way to include friends in your prayer life is to choose a friend per day (or a couple per week if every day is too much) to text and ask how you can pray for them that day—and then do it! If you’re comfortable, write out your prayer for them in a text and send it back to them or just text them a simple response saying you prayed after their request. It will bless both of you and connect you on a heart level.

I hope this series has blessed you and given you some tools that will make prayer easier and more approachable. I’d also love to hear your tips if you want to leave a comment! If you missed any of the posts in this series you can go back through the archives and find them all. Follow me on social media to get updates on my upcoming book that will help you overcome 7 common issues that keep you from praying!

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