My Word of the Year: And How to Find Yours – The Intertwined Life Podcast, Ep : 73


I’m guessing that for many of you the question, “What is your word of the year,” either excites you or just really annoys you. I get it. I have gone back and forth many times. Let’s talk about it.

This episode is a Christ-centered approach for how to find your word of the year. Or maybe how to decide you don’t need one!

What’s the deal with the word of the year? Should I have a word of the year? How do I get a word of the year? If I don’t have a word of the year, do I just make one up?

In this episode, I will share with you what I think about this whole “word of the year” thing. And yes, I’ll even share my own word for this year. Feel free to steal it!

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