Our Greatest Burden

Your children are always on your mind. You’ve wanted what’s best for them since they were little and no matter how old they get, you worry about their souls. Jesus delivered you from the wrath to come and you want them to make it to heaven too.

There is no greater burden than the thought of an endless eternity without one of your kids. You see them living after the world or maybe even leaving the faith.  Year after year goes by and nothing changes, and you start to lose heart they may never be saved.

You taught them the way and pointed them to Jesus knowing there were no shortcuts or special promises for them to get in. Ok maybe you could have done better, but don’t beat yourself up. You did a good job and the best you could do.  Be thankful it’s in His power to save them and not yours.

Don’t give up.  Remember how you came to Him. Show them the “Tudor” (Galatians 3:24) that brought you to Christ. They must pass through the gauntlet of the law (The ten commandments) to see their hopeless condition first.  Then they can look for the Savior of sinners. 

Never stop praying and don’t lose hope.  We all share the same burden and God knows exactly how you feel. Remember we believe in a merciful and gracious God who came to save the ungodly and your kids qualify.

Lord, thank you for saving me. I did not deserve your mercy and kindness and neither do my children.  I know that You are gracious, so I ask that you grant my children repentance and faith to believe in Your Son Jesus.

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